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Sunday, August 26, 2012

black sunday X MULTICOLETTE

photo credit : ME & MY TRUSTY TRIPOD


dress : ASOS inspired lil black dress from MULTICOLETTE
shoes : velvet Mary Jane from MULTICOLETTE
accessories : black collar from FRIENDLYFASHION
bag : zebra print clutch from TOPSHOP

it's sunday i'm wearing black, so it's black sunday! 
and tomorrow's monday and it's gonna be a blue monday.
so together it's blue black ! getitgetitgetitgetit! :P hehehe! 
ok, i le lame.

here i go again taking pictures of myself,
laughing with myself again, haha! 
bare with me now people! :P 

I'm really loving the vibrant blue color of the swimming pool behind me.
I think that it really brings the life out of this whole series of photos! i love them!
life is so amazing where you can relax by your own private pool, with the wind in your hair.
I can only read by the pool because i can't swim =__= should really start investing in a jacuzzi where i could play mahjong in :P
and thankfully i got the pool all for myself that time, don't have to worry about others looking weirdly at me, hehe! 

and can you believe that already being 20 years old, i don't own a LBD ? until now that is.
for 20 years i have been living a life without a little black dress, can you imagine how incomplete my life was?
lol, guys won't understand, how a lil black dress is an essential piece in a girl's wardrobe.
it can do miracles, you can wear it to the office, on a date/wedding/funeral etc. etc! 
It's probably like a girls' best friend, because it's always there when you need it. LBD.
so now, my life is complete thanks to MULTI COLETTE for sponsoring me this lovely LBD,
and also those lovely lovely velvet mary jane shoes that i can practically wear to anywhere! 
haha, i was wondering why Mary Jane shoes got its name, so click here if you wanna know why :)

and yes, i just reviled my age, yes, i know i'm old.
but OLD IS GOLD! so praise the lord amen.

MultiColette is a brand which is eclectic, fashion fabulolus, and their style is something casual but chic, nothing serious. 
go check them out now! :)
thank you so much again for saving my life:P haha! basically sponsoring me an all time functional LBD and MaryJane.
I'm really loving the back details of the dress, so cute and sexy! :)
sorry if i wasn't wearing a nubra and you can see my so not attractive black bra strap, 
hahahha, really not a fan of NuBra, but i'm getting off-topic again. 
I'm thinking of wearing this to my best friend's wedding, what you say ? :)

gonna go out to have some sushi now :) 


Lauren said...

Star quality!

Loving your blog,
adorn la femme

Elli said...

cute dress :)

circleofchaos said...

Beautiful dress...looks very good on you.*_*
Would you like to follow each other on gfc??

Clara Turbay said...

it´s cool a very creative blog. @paquetevistasbi

LauraLeia said...

Looking gorgeous! :D I love the entire look, from the collar to the dress to the shoes! <3

Clara Turbay said...

Special images and essential style.

Mia Dra said...

amazing photos! so beautiful

please visit my blog and maybe we could follow each other? :)

Kasia Jabłońska said...

nice dress <3

The Simply Kelly said...

such a beautiful LBD