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Monday, July 16, 2012

inspirations fo the week

photos via the web

these are some of the inspirational pictures i got truout the week!:) 
i get most of my inspirations tru fashion, photography, and art :) 
oh not to forget food sometimes, hahhaha! that's why i'm fat. 
just thought of posting some of these lovely pictures here to share from of the ideas.
I can't really recall or remember the exact names of where i got these pics from, but
hope this opens up your mind to new things cause it really did to mine :)
happy mondays folks! 


BisandMol said...

fantasti, great and phenomenal all fittingly describe your blog! keep it up:)
now following you, hope you do the same

Anthea Lau said...

thanks for the love hon, but i can't see you on my GFC yet, let me know when you are following and i'll definitely return the love:)

M said...

looove the first photo!