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Friday, April 17, 2015

Shiseido Tsubaki Shampoo Review #MYTSUBAKI

You know... I've always wonder how some girls have that young, youthful-looking hair. Wondered how some of them maintain that bouncy, fresh healthy-looking hair (you know the ones you see on hair commercials)... Is it because that they always trim off their dead ends? is it because they spend hundreds and hundred of dollars (that I don't have) on multiple hair saloon treatments that cost a bomb?! (Not to mention GST is here so I really don't know how much the price would hike up to) But anyways, I've recently tried this pretty famous Japanese hair shampoo brand that made me understand that the secret to healthy looking bouncy hair is to obtain SHINY HAIR! And how much difference it makes when your hair looks frizzy to shiny hair! It instantly makes your hair look like it sucked out moisture from the ocean like a sponge. It makes your hair look strong like Rapunzels fairy tale human-strength locks that can pull up her prince charming (can I have strong hair so I can pull up my prince too? LOL) Anyways you get 
my point, shiny hair always looks the best - youthful, strong, and moisture-d.

 Shine from every angle

Tsubaki (under the famous Japanese brand Shiseido) is a Premium hair care product made in Japan, and the word "Tsubaki" means Camellia Flower. This secret flower oil has been responsible for the classic legendary beauty of Japanese hair for centuries in Japan! Geishas and maikos apply a lot of the oil, for the distinct Japanese traditional glossy hair look they prefer. Famous as a beauty secret in the far east, now women in the UK are turning to Camellia oil to find it a multi-purpose beauty solution for face serum and hair mask. I actually googled about this magical flower and found out that they actually come in 3 different color - Red Camellia which represents love, Yellow Camellia which represents longing, and White Camellia which represents waiting (exactly like the colors of Tsubaki's shampoo range!). The oil that is extracted from the flower seeds is actually very 
high in essential fatty acids which helps to improve elasticity and moisture, also packed with Vitamin A, B C E and has natural antioxidant. 

Understanding our hair - What cause loss of shine and how to repair that. 

Research has shown that Asian's black hair contains more melanin than other shades of hair color and it contributes to the level of hair shininess. However because we're expose to sun everyday (like during lunch time when you walk outside under the sun to the nearest kopitiam lol) our hair is prone to lose melanin due to UV and it will create holes that causes irregular reflection and loss of shine on hair. OHHHHHHH so that's no wonder my hair is not shinny! I blame it on those secondary days 8am standing under the hot sun for perhimpunan (assembly). 

SO IMAGINE our dull looking hair is because of those HOLES from the lost of MELANIN
BUT GOOD NEWS! ARGININE repairs melanin hole and allow light to penetrate hair shaft and to be reflected evenly, and that's how kids, you get lustrous glorious shinny hair like in hair commercials. And so guys, the product promises internal shininess (Arginine to repair from inside), and external shininess (Camellia oil which coats the hair to dramatically improve hair shininess and smoothness).

My current hair condition: Waist-length colored hair, pretty dry and frizzy at times, especially on the ends. I first started dying my hair since 6 years ago! (Never went back to the normal black after that) Tried a few colors like red, light brown, dark brown, currently my hair is a darker brown shade just to make it look more healthy and less drying and frizzy (that was always a problem for me beforehand). Now to be it seems 
like just dying my hair darker to hide and minimize the frizziness isn't enough, it needs to shine to look fresh and young! 
Well I guess the most accurate way to describe my hair right now is that it is dry, dull, and dying, LOL (sad life!)

So after understanding what are the key ingredients, here's my try on the products!
I was given the opportunity to try their famous shining range, and here's what I think about it.
Tsubaki's Shining Shampoo,
 RM 18.90 (220ml) / RM 38.90 (500ml) 

With just one pump, here is the amount you can get, which is pretty alot! Abundant for my long hair, 
and the texture is really smooth and soft, pretty liquid-y as well. and OH the FRAGRANCE... mmm. smells like 
wild flowers, and honey mixed together. It has this luxury, soft kindda scent, The kind of scent where you want to 
lay your head down into and enjoy it's comfort... 

Tsubaki's Shining Conditioner
 RM 18.90 (220ml) / RM 38.90 (500ml) 

The conditioner smells the same as the shampoo. Where as texture is different. This one is definitely more solid
and bouncy as a conditioner. Definitely something where a conditioner should have. I spread this on my ends.

Tsubaki's Shining hair Mask
 RM 44.90 (180g) 

I can only agree that this is really rich in texture. Normally the mask from other famous brands I use also isn't as thick as this one,
 this texture was wayy thicker than normal mask - which my logics says - it will force your hair to absorb the product better without 
using overly too much! The texture is kindda like a soft glossy wax. Reminds me a lil bit like jelly + cream + wax mixed together, 
LOL I hope you know what I mean... But anyways this is definitely my current fav hair mask now! One thing I like a lot about
this mask is it's thickness. Make it so much more worth to buy!! Best use 3 times a week! :)

~ so after first wash and towel dry ~

After the First wash

Instantly I could see results that it not only looks smoother, it also looks shinier as well! My hair is naturally wavy, so a lot of times it might make my hair look like I just slept and woke up without combing my hair. LOL But Tsubaki's shining shampoo did lift up to it's name- really did made my hair look shinier and healthier looking! Hair is light and bouncy as well. and really really loving the fragrance of this shampoo. So lovely and warm! If you wish to take a sniff of how this products smell like, you can find it at any pharmacy / supermarket near you. If you'd like to have an idea of how my hair would smell like recently, it will definitely be this scent. haha

you can check out any of their new updates on
  Tsubaki's FACEBOOK

see you guys soon! Stay Hair-thy ! ;)


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