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Thursday, March 5, 2015

pretty white lace

lace top : ENDLESS ROSE / pattern jeans : similar here / boots : DOC MARTENS

Hello my lovelies! MARCH is finally here! I've been pretty pretty busy for the month of February (argh that's the only month that I can't spell right! I needed to autocorrect that word lol) February (no help from autocorrect this time!:P) has passed by in a flash! Perks of having a short month is that your salary comes in fast, hahah! But cons of it is that it seems like time is ticking so fast with so many things on our hands! I've been busy at work, running errands, trying to stay away from social media to run some parts of my life (eventho that's pretty unachievable) LOL I still try to update my instagram a lot and still try to stay connected with the people I care about. But somehow February has been a month of really wild roller coaster rides. A few of my close friends might know what had happened, and a whole lot bunch don't because peeps, it's always important who you share your personal life with, cause that's the only thing you have which is truly yours right? Anyways, back in giving you an update of my month! Like I said, lots of things wasn't smooth-sailing but what's the fun in life when the oceans aren't rough to overcome to the other side right? Hehe, for now I'm sailing pretty smoothly, but I'm pretty sure a storm will be coming up sooner than you know it! 

BY THE WAY, I'm trying real hard to find time to film my FEB FAVS video on my YOUTUBE CHANNEL! I've said it before in my JAN FAVS that well, quote, "If I were to have a new year resolution, that would be filming my monthly favourite every end of the month." HAHAHA, see! This is why I hate having new year resolutions! I suck at keeping them. We're already stepping into the 3rd month of the year! Still remember what's your new year resolutions? Are you keeping up with them or are you side-tracking a bit like I am? Well I know, NO excuses! I'll try to get it out reallll soon! (although I really don't know who watches these things I make for fun LOL) OKAY! Anways, OOTD time!

It was love at first sight when I saw this on ENDLESS ROSE! ohhhh my god, I craze for lace-y clothes, but really not ALL lace clothes are nice to be honest, some of them will make you look like a grandma and I hate it! Especially those dirty white / dusty pink kindda color, I don't know for me, on me, it just looks really wrong. I'm in love and very please with the cutting for this top. Seriously when I got it in the mail, I'm just sooo glad it fit me sooo well. I got mine in S size if you were wondering. Endless Rose has always been a LA brand that I am in love with !! Their clothes really do make you feel adorable, confident and unique! Because all of their designs are one of a kind. Guess what? This shirt even has a matching skirt! And guess what, this shirt would look so cute on dates!! Absolutely adorable, showing a lil (not too much) of skin and would still look classy and feminine. I really think that the lace empire brings out the femininity in a women, and since I think I'm at the age of maturing to a grown up, lace is one of the must-haves in my closet. However, again I must stress that my style is a mixture of both - femininity and edginess, it has always been like that and I hope it will always stay the same way! I've own a lottttt (like countless) of white tops and I'll never get bored of them, and right now, this one is probably my current fav! Do you have your own pretty white lace top that you adore? :)

xx, signing off!

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