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Friday, April 24, 2015


top : ENDLESS ROSE / pattern kimono : similar here / white shorts : similar here / boots : Dr Martens / black hat : similar here

Can't believe it's the end of April already, time just flies by so fast for me this month, although this month wasn't so much of an up, not so much of the cheerful happy person I would like to be, but quite some things made me frown, or even bawl my eyes over... One of which is the "passing" of my 5 years old Macbook Pro... who has been with me since day 1 of college, who carried all my silly, crazy, and one of the best memories I had – college. Those terrible webcam videos of me and my friends singing while we never fail to introduce our names at the start of each homemade webcam video (lol, like who were we thinking to show this to anyways?) Those were the random days my girlfriends would come over my place after class and we would just jam our beats. Not to forget making our very epic Happy Birthday song for our other close friend who just got to London at that time... Ah memories... and also learning the things I first thought impossible with that laptop, which what makes my career now, Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, After Effects, designing a website, making books, designing practically ANYTHING, filming videos, editing them... Man not to mention the many videos that I have not publish out there before yet. Gone... All gone just like that... I loved it so much it helped me so much in so many ways I never even dropped it once. I'm a bit of a sentimental person, and maybe writing sentences expressing my lost is a lil exaggerating, maybe even bawling over it the night it died and cutting my hair just like a break up seems a lil pathetic over just a laptop... but you see, it wasn't Just a Laptop. It was my first one. You see... Again, I must stress my life isn't all glam, I don't come from a wealthy family, so getting a 5k+ laptop at that time was a huge deal for me, and I understand a lil strain for my mom and grandpa who bought it for me as well, I didn't buy it myself of course, I just finished SPM where do you suppose I get the money from? Well... I know there might be a way to repair it but I have heard too many friends telling me their experience and conclusion was that repairing it isn't gonna help much.. it's more better to get a new one... Sigh... There goes my hard-earn money now... It's gonna cost me so much and I'm wondering how am I gonna get that money man... Am I the only one being too over reacting over the lost of her first laptop? I can't even sleep at night, and during the day I would wake up at 7am, just like how I would every time I face a break up, or a very sad event in life. Feels like a hallow in my heart... How am I gonna do my work now... Hmm... That's why I wanna say right now guys, I'm stuck and as much as I wanna update more of my blog, this problem I'm facing now is really right in the way... I hope you guys can give me some time to get my feet up again... At the mean time don't worry, you can always follow my Facebook page or Instagram, I will update there more often since I can't blog as much as I want to now. 

But like what my friend adviced, "There's always a rainbow after a huge storm..."
Just trynna keep a positive mind, I hope I find a way to get a new one soon... 
But for now, here's my OOTD post which I don't know when would be my next. lol

A picnic was the first thought I had when I matched this outfit combination. Don't you think checkered patterns usually relate to picnic tables? Haha, really in love with this top from Endless Rose, it's unique cut out with lace details on the front really is an eye catcher (and also really cooling when the wind hits in the middle part of the chest LOL) I often like to mix a twist of edge to the usual feminine clothes that I wear. I can never imagine myself being totally full-on feminine! So adding the black boots and the big black hat on this look definitely helped balance out the girly elements like the sky blue lace top with the soft flowy chiffon kimono. But if you guys ain't like me and think that this look is too heavy, try slipping on some dainty black sandals heels, you'll instantly look way more feminine that way :) I hope you guys liked this look, I'm totally looking forward for a 
picnic right now! But most of all, I'm even more looking forward to get a new laptop / desktop soon... Looking forward to talk to you guys again soon.. WHY DOES THIS SEEM LIKE A GOODBYE POST?! lol. 

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to show some love and support hun! xx I'm gonna miss you.


Ramida Dusdeevutikul said...

Lovely look!

Khai Chee Lim said...

Hi there,

I feel your pain. My Mac Powerbook G4 (lol, it's the father of the MacBooks, it's old but it's gorgeous back then) died on me and I felt like I've lost a friend.

It was my friend in high school, my gateway to ICQ and MySpace (or Friendster) and I religiously wash my hand every single time before I use it (I'm OCD like that), so trust me when I tell you I understand where you're coming from.

The one thing I could do is extract the harddrive (usually salvageable unless you spilled on the laptop) and I didn't try to repair the laptop, it was too expensive. But soon, you'll outgrow the pain and move on, remember only the great memories it has brought you.

Hope you'll find a laptop soon like I have that's been with me for another 5 years & counting. =)


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