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Wednesday, February 18, 2015


coat: ZARA / silk top: similar here / shoes: FOREVER21 / mesh skirt: similar here

Sorry to disappoint that nothing here is Valentino, lol. Somehow that's what I thought of naming this look- also because it looks romantic.
Okay one thing I think is my weakness as well is that I am hands-down a sucker for romance, I've noticed it a lot recently... This is bad.
I mean I'm not sure if it's because of Valentine's month, this whole love thing is just making me nuts almost. It's not that I have someone
to love, it's just that I grew sensitive and tight with my emotions this month... Guess that's always something that I've neglected and 
pushed aside for far too long now, and since that I've reconnected with this lost box, I've found a reason why I kept it safe in the first 
place... Love is tough, and confusing at times, of course the feeling of cloud nine is absolutely to die for, but you know what they say 
the higher you fly, the greater you fall... IDK, I guess the reason why I'm talking about love now it's also because I'm crying my eyeballs 
out listening to KODALINE - HIGH HOPES. I never watched the MV before, and I watched it just now, and I'm just flowing with tears... 
lol. I guess it just got me thinking about the feeling of love again, of how you first met that special someone, and then laughing at your
 own inside jokes, and how you first shared a kiss together, that feeling of how his hands feel in yours... sigh... sure it's sucky to think 
that you're back being alone again, haha. I'm really sorry for turning the mood this gloomy guys, I normally am not like that, LOL 
Blame it on the song...

I guess I'm better at talking about OOTDS sometimes... lol

 I always think that lace, silk, and mesh clothing always give a seductive vibe. It would be wrong if I didn't finish this look with 
my red lips and grey contacts. I love how the back has lace details as well. Always had a difficulty styling lace + satin materials,
they always have a slouchy pajamas kindda feel to it, that's why I paired it with a more formal looking mesh mini skirt, and I also 
added on some heels so this look won't be looking too flat(s) (see what I did there, hahahaah).

and hello everyone!  If you're celebrating, Happy Chinese New Year! the past me is writing this blog post now in advance, 
because the future me or the "current" me is probably having a reunion dinner with the fam spending some quality time together. 
I'm so not looking forward to the jam... a 2 hours drive back to my hometown could easily turn to a 5 hours drive :(
Oh well, wish me luck tomorrow folks! For those on the road, drive safe!! AND GONG HEY FATT CHOY! :) 


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