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Friday, February 13, 2015

Lil loves everywhere

Valentines day is just TOMORROW! Time to celebrate the spirit of love with loved ones, and to remind yourself, that no matter who 
you are, what you do, you will always be loved and remembered :) Even tho if you don't have anyone to celebrate with, it's always nice 
to take this time of the month to be reminded that you are still human, and all of us needs love, and to feel loved. There's a saying that 
goes, "Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies." Which I think couldn't be more true.  It could be the same minds, with 
the same type of liking; or it could be totally opposites which compliments each other in the most perfect way. Or it could be 2 different 
people discovering different things about each other and ending up liking that odd habit or liking something that you've never thought
 you'd like from the other person. I don't know if what I said makes sense or not, but it might take a life-time to figure out who that 
person may be, and if only there was an access card or an express way to find out who is the right person without going through the 
process of searching and dating countless people to only find out that you've been hanging around douce-bags or bitches. Never know
the woman or man that you've spent half of your life with isn't the one for you. Never know that someone you've spent your patience, 
time, money, and love isn't the one you are gonna marry. Have you ever thought of one day waking up realizing that the person sleeping 
next to you isn't right for you? It is a terrible thought to think about, but sometimes we still fight in the name of love, and that is good
because we've gave it our all and tried things out without regretting. GEEZY cheessy wings, I don't know why I've been writing about 
love so much these days... I guess the month of love really got me this time, ANYWAYS! BTT (backtotopic) it's always nice to have 
some lovey-dovey elements around you to remind you that you are loved! For example:

1) WILDFOX sleeping mask 
this couldn't be any cuter! I've been thinking of getting one to enjoy afternoon naps, which one is the cutest??? I can't decide!

2) REBECCA MINKOFF Heartbreaker bag 
I know I've been talking about this brand since months ago! And they never get old seriously, how cute is that bag. 
Advisable not to bring it out on a first date... You wouldn't want the guy that you like to have a wrong impression of ya, lol.

3) FOR LOVE & LEMONS Heart Bralette 
one of my FAVOURITE brands. Loving their fun yet enchanting and whimsical designs! 
One of which is this super cute bralette, a perfect gift to buy for your girlfriend and bring her laughs instead of just 
buying a lingerie and hoping for sex afterwards. I think this type of playful bralette will just make her laugh, haha

4) VENESSA ARIZAGA Te Amo pearl earrings
A jewelry brand which carries cute girlie designs, a lot which looks fun and delicate! perfect for everyday! 
I think what made these earrings special is that the pearls are dangling down. Ultra cute when you tie your hair up with these.

5) HELEN FICALORA xox charm
I always think that it's absolutely sweet for a guy to buy a girl a charm. It just acts like a gentle reminder of him,
similar to a ring that a girl would wear everyday, I think a charm is also equally "charming", hehe. 
Especially charms with both initials on, omg, I am so absolutely cheesy!! 

6) ZHUU emoticon bag
Even something small like this with a cheeky emoticon blowing a kiss face is good to be reminded of love! 
Love how it didn't incorporate the ori graphic emoticon on this canvas bag, yet choose do go a bit hand-drawn. 
Very unique indeed. 

So girls, even if you don't have a partner to celebrate with tomorrow, always remember that love exist, 
and we don't need to find love, I guarantee love will come finding you :) So always be joyful and grateful that you 
even woke up today, and is a part of this beautiful world. Always give the world the best of you, even though it might 
wants more. Always give people kindness even though they may think your kindness comes with a motive, give them 
anyways. Always give people laughter and joy, even though some may be jealous of your happiness, smile anyways :) 

Goodnight lovelies
even if no one tells you this, I wanna tell you I love you anyways :) xx

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