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Thursday, January 29, 2015


So I just did a first impression video of ze famous Kylie Jenner's over-drawn lip tutorial. Haha it was mainly for fun cause I guessed 
that it would look funny on me so I thought I'd shared my first try with you all. So I decided hey why not do a style post on her as well 
since I found soooo many nice pictures of her and did my research while looking up the web for her glorious lip liner tutorials. 
But first we all know that if you wanna be like Kylie Jenner, you gotta have THAT LIPS, THOSE ABS, AND THAT ASS THO... lol

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So I noticed 3 things from the Kylie Jenner's style. It's that she is always wearing black boots or black shoes, and to be specific, it's either 
confusing how well she can pull off the classy-grunge look, unlike some people (well like me), if I dyed and bleached my hair it'll probably look
very much like a broom-stick, but for Kylie it's just amazing how her hair always looks so good - from those beautiful mermaid turquoise tails, 
to that dip-dyed blonde with black shades, then to that Ariana Grande locks, and then dying it back to her gorgeous black long locks again... 
life of a celebrity is just amazeballs. haha! One thing that I really like from her style is those sky high knee length boots tho. so perfect! If only 
Malaysia wasn't too hot, or had other seasons other than SUMMER all year round, I would totally get myself those boots! Ain't nobody looking 
so hot in that long jersey dress with them boots other than Kylie. sigh, SOOOO FUCKING HOT! hahha okay. So here are just some few styles 
that I realized from Kylie's style book, I would die to check out her wardrobe, I wonder how many black bags does she own. LOL. 


Jenny said...

Kylie always looks effortlessly flawless x

Anonymous said...

You look amazing !

I hope you have fabulous weekend,

With love from London,

Erin and Katherine said...

You got the lipstick just right!

Erin | Erin and Katherine Talk Beauty

Mrs W said...

Love your layout! Never thought about over the knee boots, now I am!

New follow, I'd love it you took a look at my blog.