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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Uncertainty waves

Hello my darlings, 

It has finally hit me, the new year - sorry if my receptors are a bit slow but now I am starting to see a page of un-certainties that holds 
for the new year to come. It excites me of course, who would want a life which is so predictable? Where's the excitement in that? This 
thrilling journey we call life is just full of wonders day by day, truly is the quote "Anything could happen", is something that I've always 
lived by, and a hell lot last year. But this year, I'm sensing a new change in something. (Hello fortune-teller Juliana speaking here lol). 
Who knows what new thing you'll discover this year round. This wave of uncertainty is just frustrating, but at the same time it gives you 
the enthusiasm to live life! Uncertainties are like balancing while walking on a string from point A to point B, but you know if you never 
give it a shot, you would never know what your capabilities are, or if you are able to reach point B or not. I guess even if you drop and 
fall, at least you gave it your all without regrets, and that's how I guess I would wanna live my life for 2015. Sure, uncertainties are
caused by doubts. Doubts are just because you've been hurt before but we are all humans, we've all gotten disappointed before at a 
point of our life. I guess I always live life the YOLO way, but at the same time always scared of heartaches and disappointments. I 
guess no point worrying or contemplating too much, cause too much thinking, would never get you to point B am I right? Okay, idk why 
I wrote such a long intro, but my point is cheers to 2015, cheers to the good times and good luck and just be brave in everything that 
you do. Looking back, I can't believe it's been 3 years since I've started posting outfits and opening sundaesins :) Well, outfit talk now!

fedora : (similar here) / crop top : COTTON ON / scallop skirt : JOA / heels : (similar here)

JOA is a brand that I found out which is based from LA and carries a lot of sweet and fun-to-wear clothing, I've already
seen so many pieces that I like from them on the website! Adorable and unique, one of a kind which you won't clash with 
someone when you're in Malaysia, haha. Hence always buy online if you don't wanna clash outfits with someone, that's just
really embarrassing. Like we've seen tutu-inspired / puffy midi skirts everywhere and it's getting a bit overrated, but it's the 
wave details on this skirt which makes it perfectly stand out from the rest. ultra loving the quality and the sheer layer over it. 
Absolutely no regrets getting this skirt, just take a look at the details! Thought it would be pure and appropriate if I start the 
first outfit post of the new year with a white on white outfit post! Let's paint in the colors together! hehe :P

 matched up this fun and unique skirt with some classy heels for an oomph of feminine vibes. Would you wear this out on a date? :)

Anyway guys, if you're feeling some uncertainty waves for the new year, I gotta tell ya, it's absolutely normal. And I'm with you on this.
Whatever it is, strap your heels -or tie your shoes for this wonderful ride we call life :) I wish you guys all the best! and Goodnight! xx 


Anonymous said...

Love your outfits. Look so pretty.
Would you like to follow each other? Let me know on my blog if you follow me. I will follow you back after it.
Thank you

Laura Mitbrodt said...

Your skirt is so pretty

Sophie's Scrapbook said...

Those shoes!

Sophie's Scrapbooks x

LoveCompassionateLee said...

This is the perfect summer outfit: light & airy!