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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Don't leaf me alone

beret from HAT ATTACK / dress from SPLENDID / shoes : ZARA / designer earrings from ADIA KIBUR

Hi guys, I HOPE EVERYONE ENJOYED THEIR CHRISTMAS! the wait has ended and I'm so looking forward to the new year.
Already making (plants) for the countdown, (HAHAHA OMG SORRY, I can't help it with the leafy puns LOL) How's everyone?!
There's a lot of leftover turkey meat in my fridge waiting to be made into turkey porridge, and turkey wrap,
any ideas what to do with turkey besides these 2 things above? :) Anyways OOTD! I seriously luuuh this one..

my sharp red claws were made for Christmas... Thinking that I might be able to recycle it for Chinese New year, LOL

One thing that I can say is that I absolutely loveeeeee this dress, I think the red lips and heels made it look more formal, 
compared to the time when I viewed it on the website I thought it would look more casual but oh god, this dress...
All I can say that I received a heaps of compliments saying that I look absolutely hot / gorgeous in this dress
(lol can I be buay-paisey abit ah?) Haha, my colleagues were asking me if I was going to a ball or something afterwork,
but the truth is no, I'm just gonna have some seafood in a restaurant beside the road afterwork, haha! (sorry to disappoint)

This dress is absolutely form-fitting, it's jersey material hugs your figure and honestly compliments your feminine curves. 
Oh gosh, this material is sooo good. I guess I'm pretty much going for jersey materials next time. It's thin and light too!
And one thing good about SHOPBOP is that customers can review the items that they bought! So I saw
4.5 / 5 stars for this item! And over 60 reviews! Before I bought this my mind was like, "Wow people really love this dress"
Most of them are good reviews saying that they'll wear this all summer, it's a sexy dress that hugs every curves, yadaa yadaa..
So I decided to give it a try! And gosh, I'm in love! Paired it up with this really adorable cute beret from HAT ATTACK
What a cute name tho... This beret is also my first try! Feelin' like an artist now, hehe. Loving that it's made of fine wool quality.

Also my earrings are from a designer by the name of - ADIA KIBUR. It's a 2 way earring where you can wear them with/ without the bling!
A trendy type of design now that has taken stage all over the market. I like how big it is, because I usually see people selling
the smaller size bling ones, but you know what they say when it comes to rocks; the bigger the better! haha. 
But really the reason why I choose this bigger ones is because the smaller ones are soo hard to be seen when you take photos!
Come on if you have a nice earring you should show it off! Not hide it for yourself, haha! Since for me,
I'm always putting my hair down, so hiding my ears behind my hair is already not helping if I have on some small earrings. lol

So guys, 2014 has been a tough year for me, I'm thinking of doing a sum up for 2014, you know just for my lousy memory sake, 
and for maybe the people who are interested in my life but I don't know why cause to me it's just so so.. haha but i don't know...
A lot of unhappy stuffs has happen this year, but I don't forget about the good stuffs that brought me joy and motivation along the way!
Seriously a lot of stuffs has pushed me down so hard where you know that feeling where you just fall face flat first on the ground?
lol yeah, hi, I've been there. (not literally thank god!) but yeah, I've been there almost too many times this year, 
don't think I will be writing about too personal stuffs there if I do blog about my 2014, but haha, we'll see !!

TILL THEN! I hope every one has a blast on their NEW YEARS EVE! 
HEY, if you had a rough or a bad start, doesn't mean you're gonna have a rough /  bad ending too right? :)

Always stay positive and know that only you can change the way how you feel in a day :)

CHEERS to a positive 2015 !!


Choy Peng said...

Happy New Year dear :)
Have a blast!

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