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Friday, December 26, 2014

RabLabs Crystal Coasters

Hi guys! I'm sure you've already enjoyed opening the present laid under your Christmas tress! What did you get?!
Well I think the finest things in life just can't be bought, as I get older, the list of things I want for Christmas just can't be bought no more.
I know when I was younger I would want a chanel / gucci / LV, but now the many things in life that makes me happy are the experiences I
face everyday. And it's the little things that sparks my joy and lifts up the sides of my lips. I'm sure you would know what I mean when I say
"the lil things". It could be your favourite toothpaste that has glitters on em, a mug that you like to use every morning, or your favourite plate!
Yes, I agree all three items that I mentioned above does cheer up my Monday mornings instantly with no doubt. 

A very lil special something was sent in a few weeks ago. Something small and delicate all the way from new york,
you see, i don't know if it's because the word "new york" on the box that makes it seem extra exclusive, how would you see it
if it's written "Malaysia" rather than "New York" honestly? Haha, well all I can say is that I dream of visiting the big NYC one day.
SOME DAY I'll be able to visit you my big new york city... Perhaps on a Christmas day maybe? :) Well anyways, nevertheless,
I can't help but agree the word "new york" makes it look more exclusive, and classy. And exclusive and classy it is! 

This lil gift instantly makes drinking much more fun now, it follows me everywhere I go, and it comes in a set of 4, well wrapped
(may I say ultra well-wrapped) to prevent any types of damage at all since this is air mailed from afar. Anything could happen during
that process! I myself wrap items ultra securely to prevent damage (like damn kiasu one) so no worries, this wrapping is Jules-APPROVED!
I was pretty scared as well but when I opened the delivery box, I knew everything would be fine! There was thick bubble wraps all over! :)

This is called the Pedra Coasters, a classic RabLabs design, named after the Portuguese word for "rock".
It has a crystal / glass material (ps. are they the same?) and the sides are a stone kind of texture...
Apparently it's made out of agate, and me being the curious cat did some research wondering what that is!
Agate: a cryptocrystalline variety of cilica, chiefly chalcedony, characterised by it's fine-ness of grain and brightness of color.
In ancient times, the gemstone agate was thought to possess incredible virtues, protecting it's guardians from all dangers.
Although agates may be found in various kinds of rocks, they are classically associated with volcanic rocks! Which is so cool!

Visitors in your house would be like, 
" Eiyy dawg, where did you get that awesome coaster from?"
and you can be like, 
" It's from the volcanos bitch." 
HAHAHHA okay excuse my tone here...

I think it would work great as a christmas gift! which is why I'm changing my photos to a Christmas theme now! LOL
p/s. shooting ice is the most stressful thing ever!

a marvelous margenta color. p/s Each coasters are crafted uniquely, not 2 coasters alike! Lovingly hand-polised in Brazil,
and protected by rubber feet on the underside! and yes I froze my flowers for this shoot...

dark blue like the deep ocean. the middle part looks like it got frozen! too pretty!

black like the night, my friends really like this one...

... But I think this one is my favourite!It's an earthy tones inspired by the sand and soil.

So there you go, just seeing and feeling it makes me happy already. I use it everyday in fact now I'm having my cup of green tea on it!
A perfect host or hostess gift, and an amazing deco to impress the guest :) I got mine from SHOPBOP with DHL delivery.
P/s. They're having sales for Calvin Klein's underwears now, click HERE to view the collection!

Really guys, it's the little things that makes me smile... Here's one of the lil things of mine, What's yours? :)

Merry Christmas if I didn't wished you enough xx

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