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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Halloween 2014 Sundaesins

top : COTTON ON / skirt : BKK / knee socks : similars here / Mary-Jane shoes : similars here

Happy Halloween peeps!! Well that was 4 days ago LOL. 
I know you guys will be busy partying that's why I did this post a lil late ;P (excuses) BTW how was your HALLOWEEN! 
I did 2 outfits this year because I had different events to attend to on different days! Both were quite different but still, 
the same. HAHA, I was a black cat on the second day, both are animals. Well, I wanted to be a UNICORN at first! 
But when I tried wearing pastel clothes again I didn't really match my dark black hair anymore :( So that was really sad.
I was thinking of pastel pinks and doing glittery make ups and making a unicorn's horn for my day-2 outfit but I couldn't,
because of my damn hair :( OH WELL, So i had to do last minute changes (the night before) and DIYed my own cat ears! 
To see more halloween pics with my DAY2 outfit click on my facebook page @ 
I have an album there full of my Halloween outfits this year ! :P heh, being a sexy black kitty this year.

Oh did I forgot to say, 
I carried a real carrot with me the whole time ??? LOL! I know... some people are teasing me because of the shape... 
But I genuinely think it's totally fine because I don't think dirty thoughts -_- But it became black afterwards 
probably cause it oxidized and it wasn't very appropiate anymore... lol

So outfit time! TO BE A white bunny, well obviously you have to wear white clothes, lol I decided to go 
with this tutu skirt because I was going with the cute flirty vibe. There's some cute lace skirts like THESE from FREE PEOPLE
OR To be a cute bunny, you could wear some FAUX FUR because people let's not support killing furry animals - like bunnies.

here's another set of photos that I took in my friend's place! Just can't get over how cute the look is! 

lalala, shameless bunny selfie put big big here, LOL

There's only a very limit sort of occasions where I can wear this ultra cute stockings,  too cute!


LOL so like I said I couldn't wear pastel clothes with my dark hair, so I decided to be a black kitty last minute.
Check out my much flaws DIY ears that I made, it's made out from paper, and the same with my bunny ears,
it's ultra low budget, I just added in 2 starbucks straws to make sure the ears stayed up, lol.
This year's Halloween outfit is ultra ultra low budget for me, these are all stuffs you can find around you house! 
And even (can you believe it or not) my collar / whip chain for my cat costume is made out from the strap on my bag,
HAHA! My friends couldn't believe it when told them that! I think it adds on a kinky touch, ahahhaha.

corset : similars here / leather skirt : similars here 

I made do with the things I had at home because of the last minute wardrobe changes, and of course, low budget.
I'm getting my iPHONE 6 tomorrow, (it's an investment mind you) after that I'll be ultra ultra broke, heck I wonder how am i gonna survive.
So any of you wanna bring this lil kitty cat out for dinner always feel free to give me a call okay ;) Speaking of dinner,
LOK LOK! I've been craving to have lok lok (or is it called luk luk) since gods know when. For my dear foreign readers, lok lok is
actually really really nice steamboat by the road side, haha I know it may sound a bit rachet and dirty, but it's yummmmmmsss
Speaking about food I've been having late lunches like 4pm lunches these days because I'm so busy at work, it's killing.
This week and the next is gonna be so insane for me. I'm writing with a major back ache, blocked nose, and a headache,
Working non stop sometimes I feel that I can faint with this tsunami of workload within an ultra tight deadline :(
I'm listening to my "depression" playlist now, I hope this ends soon, this phrase I mean, everything in life is only a phrase.

HOOKAY, this is getting depressing, well I guess you just have to brush your shoulders and say, I'm okay.
Because no matter how good you are, how late you work until, no one will acknowledge that, no one will care,
because by end of the day everyone just wants to see the results, and no one will give a damn what good work you're putting out there,
if you have a flaw they will point it out and stab you with it despite being the best at your doing.
Boys and girls, life is hard, but what can we do? lol okay, I think my depressing playlist is making me say these.

Good night people before I say anything I regret. One thing I know for sure is that the bed is always the cure for everything :)


Laura Mitbrodt said...

Your costume is so cute!!

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