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Monday, November 10, 2014 / Healthy lunchbox!

my healthy lunchbox set! What a cute packaging! 

HELLO PEEPS! Like I said in my previous post I've been really busy for the past week and same to the next!
So making lunches for myself was never an option for me cause of my busy schedule, I really salute those woman 
who stays fit and healthy and packs lunches to the office themselves! It's such a desire to become one like them next time.
I believe we put in too much junk into our bodies we sometimes neglect the fact that we need to eat healthy to stay healthy.
I don't usually exercise as well, I only exercise my arm to put LAYs in my mouth lol it's the sad truth. I'm really unhealthy,
especially with a tight schedule I often opt for foods outside, that's fried with dirty reused oil and probably a lot of other 
unhealthy things that I don't wanna know of. Many times I think of detox-ing all the bad stuffs that I put into my body...

...then I stumbled upon this really cool healthy lunchbox site! CHOPSTICKDINER.COM
They give FREE DELIVERY for those above rm50 and only an additional rm5 delivery fee for those below rm50 :) 
There's tons of other HEALHY LUNCHBOXES to order, check out the MENU HERE
so instead of other unhealthy stuffs like mamak food and "chap fan" (mixed rice) 
I opt for something healthier just to give a lil cleansing to my greasy tummy (eeeee) 

Such beautiful colors (all entering my stomach soon). Healthy yet pretty stuffs! :D I'm excited.

First off, I ordered the HALF HALF - it's a combination of Viet Spring Rolls, and a choice of your salad,
Great option if you ask me and if you're new to them, you can not only try one but TWO different combos from the menu!
Money well spent, oh by the way, all these freshly prepared lunch boxes cost RM15 which is pretty reasonable if you ask me, 
RM15 for healthy, fresh food well prepared for you and delivered to your doorstep so you don't need to go out the hot sun.
Not only you decrease the possibilities of getting skin cancer and a bad tan, it's damn convenient, filling, and also surprisingly yummy!
Like I said before I'm not a person to always eat my greens, but it's been a while since I've seen greens looking so appetizing!
OKAY so I did some stalking research la, Ms Elaine (the superwoman behind CHOPSTICKDINER.COM) was a freelance food stylist.
(No wonder the presentation is so nice!) She's also a supermom of two kids who runs her own company now!
Okay not that you've known a lil bit about the background, let me show you what I ordered: 

ah hehe, their spring rolls from their HALF HALF lunchbox are too cute! 

my rating : 4/5 - if you like vegs,
You know, I'm still trying to eat as much vegs as I can to stay healthy, so this one was a mouthful of vegs for me.

Next one : Smoke Salmon Caesar Salad !! RATING : 5/5 :D 

your name and the item you ordered will be stick on the side of the box! 
so no worries if you get confused if you ordered a lot.

This is my favorite, probably cause i'm a sucker for Smoke Salmon salad, mmmm to die for!
The greens were extremely fresh and they still gave out a crispy crunch in my mouth followed by the croutons and beef bacon bits!
You cannot go wrong with Smoke Salmon Salad I tell you, so if you're unsure what to order, go for this dish! 
It's surprisingly filling as well which left me greedily wanting for more! So guys, if you're feeling healthy do something good for your tummy! 
(oh shit that rhymed) Submit your lunch orders by 10pm and get it delivered to your the next working day! 


Tenshi Chn said...

looks really good! love to order for my bf!

Juliana Lee said...

You should order for you too then you guys can eat together! :D <3 hehe

Courtney said...

Mmmmm yum looks soooo good!!!!
XO Courtney