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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Mint Red.

 outerwear : VINTAGE from BKK / skirt : TOPSHOP / shoes : NIKE / bag : REBECCA MINKOFF

Hello people! How are you doing today? Sometimes I feel when I'm asking this question it seems like I'm talking to myself.
LOL, but hey, I have an ASK.FM account, so if there's anything you wanna know about me, or just wanna have a chat, 
you can find me there, or else I feel like I'm talking to space sometimes, although at times I may be a bit slow

The weather has been really chilly recently (heck I feel like I'm saying this for the past 1 month on my posts),
So here's the chance for me to take everyday and do layering, we hardly can do that in Malaysia since it's always summer.
If only I could start matching up fur coats and warm boots, that would look so cute!! However this is the most that I can play with
 without sweating the whole day. lol. I like matching different patterns and textures together, it's always a nice challenge for me.
Here I'm just matching simillar colors but different prints together, you can get more printed skirt like these HERE
I bought my outterwear from BKK it's vintage and it's only RM8 !! CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?! that's so cheap. 
It's probably a guys' shirt because of the size. I'm pairing this vintage top with my Nike air max to give it a twist of modernity.
Also wearing a crop top with a moroccan inspired skirt, with my timeless Rebecca Minkoff bag in Black and Gold (my fav color!)
If you read my previous post, I've already talk about why everyone should have a RM bag, here are a few shoots of how it looks like! 

I absolutely love this bag, don't you? 
By the way, tomorrow's Halloween peeps! Have you decided what you are gonna be? I love festivals like these where you get to play dress up, 
and don't care too much if you fucked up your make up and did something wrong LOL, it's HALLOWEEN! you can just
come up with a bad excuse that your bad make up skills is part of the costume! Well at least for me of course, I've been a
gypsy, vampire, hindu goddess, leopard, hippie, forest fairy, red indian... I've already have in mind what to be as this year...

I'll be celebrating 2 days, Friday (actual day) in my friend's place, and Saturday in Zouk because there's an event! 
And you definitely can't miss events like these. They're so fun! It's so fun to see what other people are wearing, 
last year I think the most memorable one was that someone was dressing up as a sanitary pad, and another one 
carried a table around his neck! OMG, I'm just so looking forward to see what they have this year again, woohoo! 

Wondering what I'm gonna be dressed up as this 2 days? Like and follow my page to stay updated!
I post stuffs there about my life everyday !

Till then, Stay gorgeous peeps! 


Shoshana said...

Graphic designer in a graphic print. No surprise you're giving us visual stimulation. Clearly you're passionate about design/print in all aspects of your life. Love it! You look adorable. So happy I stumbled across your site.
Instagram: koshercoco

Hayley Larue said...

Love the Rebecca Minkoff! I have the same one :)


libys11 said...

exquisite prints!!!! love this look!!

Animated Confessions

sepatuholig-Grace Njio said...

Super super cute look, love everything about it!

Kirsty Barrett said...

that skirt is amazing x

S.Shrestha said...

you did prints like no other, amazing outfit and loved the Rebecca Minkoff bag. x

S.Shrestha said...
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katherine lou said...

Such a great outfit! I love your skirt so much. It's so pretty! I don't have plans for Halloween but to pass out candy this year!