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Monday, October 6, 2014


I feel as if my Bangkok trip this year happened so fast in a blur, and I remember I left KL on 23rd August, and now it's already the start of October. Almost two months passed by already, and oh my, the end of 2014 is coming soon!! Oh god, when you grow older you'll feel that time passes by on 
a turbo jet. My Bangkok trip this year was a much needed short break from the chaotic life I have in KL, but you know me, I sometimes find myself secretly obsessed with the busy life rather than staying home doing nothing. Sometimes secretly liking the stress once in a while planning and working. Worked hard for this trip that I bought a few months ago (I know, reason because there was cheap flights on sale then), saved up most importantly because I was spending for my own accommodation, flights, travel fees, and most importantly, SHOPPPING! (I know, I usually don't need to spend much on that LOL :P) It was a 4 days 3 nights trips that seem fairly little if you minus the time and hours we need to spend on the plane and airport, to cut it short it was basically less than 3 days. Too Short to explore the whole of Bangkok itself, I reckon a week would be the best! This bangkok trip that you're about to read isn't really much about travel, but more on shopping. It's my second time at the heart of Bangkok City and this time is fully about shopping, party, and of course good food! But first! Here's what I bought from BKK if you guys girls can't wait to see my haul!

Just in case you never been to Bangkok it looks something like this. Yeah, don't get too awed from the shocking amount of wires they have on their electric polls. When I first visited BKK I was surprised to see some places in the city being very old and poor, and some very rich and "high classed". Astonished by the diversity, but there wasn't a group in between. And also by the traffic, if I were to judge pollution on the streets by 3 cities (KL, Singapore, BKK), BKK would be the worst, followed by KL and lastly Singapore being the cleanest. I stayed 3 mins from Platinum mall, Pratunum, because the last thing I would do is carry bags of clothes on their train, so I opted to stay near the shopping central! 

Jam packed busy streets, just like any other cities to be honest, here's how central world looks like (a small part of it)

Another haul I got from their 7-eleven! I hear from a lot of my friends saying that the stuff they have in their 7-eleven is yums! From breakfast to 
mid night snacks, I'm not sure I didn't try that but I bought a lot of snacks back to munch and chew on, LOL my favorite is these two,  a definite 
must buy when I'm in BKK

their coconut nata yogurt and this "yakult" like drink for a damn cheap price!


this was our first day dinner. IN CASE YOU DIDNT KNOW, I went there with my bff it was a 2 girls trip to BKK, and she hasn't been there before so I thought why not bring her there for a shopping trip since thank god I've been there once before so it wasn't so hard. and IN CASE YOU ASKED, yes I'm just walking around my hotel room in my bra and panties because I'm very open with my bff like that, hahahaha. and because we were all sooooo tired from shopping and walking the whole day, this dinner was suppose to be a quick one before we rush and head to the club! 

Haha, no it's not a romantic candle light dinner lol this was actually a random idea we had after passing by this store (on the road side) yes it didn't had a legit store, but you know the rules for food hunting, always go where the nose brings you, and also where the crowd is the most! We gathered over the crowd, and "da bao-ed" the ones that we wanted to try - Glass noodles with vegetables and mushrooms, PORK green curry (which I never tried before and it tasted awesome!), and some steam egg and an egg with some awesome sweet sauce! And all these cost below RM10 !!!! RIDICULOUSSSS R-I-D-I-C-U-L-O-U-S!!! Why so cheap one how can?! Some more the portion was epic loads! I was a bit taken back when I found out the price was so... all I had on my mind was I hope I don't get a tummy ache after this, but we risked it since there was a lot of people taking away packets after packets at this store... I'm telling you BKK's food is awesome, if I were to choose a type of food that I would eat for the rest of my life I would choose Thai food, oh god, glorious Thai food that my taste buds rejoices as the authentic taste of good Thai food when it swims on my tongue... 

after that we had to go for PARTY TIMEEEE

selfies in the lift
random dude. and the mirror was actually a ceiling in a Thai club, lol those finger prints tho!
messy horrid look after clubs 
clubbing in BKK- one word - hardcore. I now understand the reason why a lot of people ask you are you looking for "ang mos" when you tell them you're on a vacation in BKK. LOL there's basically 70% of ang mos in BKK's clubs. I went to 2 clubs that Saturday night, the first one I went to was called Mixx, and the second one was called er.... Shock? They were both great, but I wanted to go to Levels Club in Bangkok because I heard it's the Zouk of BKK, but when I was in the taxi the driver was telling me that it closes at 12am or 1am which was ridiculous because that's the time where we come out in KL! I asked why and he said because they're ruled by the army now that's why and it happened like 2 months ago :( oh well... Next time maybe. So I ventured to the other ones which closed way later! Oh yeah, and the girls there... FUH. damn hot, it's like you can never find one girl who's not! Seriously thai girls are banggin. all smoking hawt it makes me feel out of place there, LOL

Chatuchat shopping! BKK is hot hot hot! so always have a bottle of water at hand to prevent dehydration! and also to clear your system from the oily food they have by the road side. One thing I like about BKK is that unlike Malaysia, they can openly sell PORK!

PORK. PORK. GLORIOUS PORK. you can see pork everywhere! 

ignore the very tired + sleepy face, with the iconic MCD in Thailand.
along with it's glorious iconic Samurai Pork Burger that the non-muslims Malaysians crave about. Not sure if they have pork burgers in Singapore or not though, but I always have this when I come to BKK, heck it's only been my second time, haha! But I guess this goes onto my list of must haves in BKK!

that's the XIU YORK on the far right that my tummy calls for, ah god it's fabulous, their xiu york taste so diff!

This shop in chatuchat is killing! I ordered the pork fried rice, and my friend ordered the beef noodle! Another thing that I miss so dearly about BKK is their BEEF NOODLE! seriously go to those old shops ones (again with crowd of course) because those are the authentic ones, unlike a lot of commercial ones that don't taste that great. I honestly don't know how to describe the flavor of the sauce / soup to you guys, it's a bit sweet but has a really strong taste, omg, thinking about it just makes my tummy so hungry *brb getting a bag of potato chips right now*

It's gonna be very hot, so lots of fans needed... LOL
Another thing that I always look forward to when I'm in Chatuchat, their coconut ICE CREAM! i'll never get bored of it!!
in fact, I had 3 coconut ice creams in a day that day already... I'm pretty sure I COULD stuff another one down..LOL 
Never seen this flavor anywhere before...
Again, beef noodles that were SO GOOD
Not so authentic Thai food that didn't taste good at all.
Burn fish by the road side!! Where there's still scales and shit. but we still ate it to try it! lol it's nice!
come on you know it, you gotta have their sticky rice with mango when you're in BKK! no where else taste better!
some crispy popiah stuffs with vegs

Here's me leaving the city in the airport T_T shoot OOTD sikit.. LOL
Goddamn lovin my kicks! 

GOOD BYE BANGKOK. hope to see you again next year! 

and here's some more vain pics of myself since you guys stayed with me to the end. HAHAHHA.
Can't wait to get my ass back to BKK, what I miss most about this journey is also the time spent with good companion :)
And the good food as well, Have you guys been to BKK before? What your most memorable moment there ? 


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Loving all of your photos! Looks like you had a great time!

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