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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

#KissMeMY Selfie Fixation Contest!

top + shoes : ZARA / bottoms : BKK

Hello everyone! I bring good news today! I discovered an awesome great deal this weekend and I have to share this quickly with you!
This great deal applies to all GIRLS (and guys) who likes to take selfies! Come on, selfies are not a shameful thing, everyone does it! 
It's fun and to be honest it's a way of communication nowadays, more like a way to update your friends that you're still ;)
Sounds like you and I on our social medias? Haha well this time there's a great reward with just a simple selfie! Okay, let's go!

I'm pretty sure everyone's familiar with the brand called KISS ME, they're famous for their girlie and dolly whimsical look!
A few days ago they launched this contest called the SELFIE FIXATION CONTEST which omg 
I had to try and hurhurhur here's my experience! And guys, it's damn simple!

me in action capturing a selfie with KISS ME products

Don't know if I jakun or something, but I never seen a phone / camera for selfies connected to a make-up shelf before!
Pretty tech-y I must admit, and probably the FIRST time ever in drugstores! (in my own experience la...) Believe it or not, I do shop in drugstores 
(perrghhhh soounds like I'm very glam like that) but seriously, I always shop drugstores. And so far this is probably the most innovative shelf that I've
seen for make ups shelfs in drugstores, there's even ipads inserted in the header board for digital display! And directions on how to join the contest!
KISS ME is always famous for their lovely packagings, and such standards is also placed on the way they dress up their make up shelves too!
Pretty pinks stuffs, and roses do attract girls am I right?  BY THE WAY,
ANYONE who took a selfie can receive Kiss Me vouchers (token of appreciation) from the beauty advisor for Kiss Me!
Like I said, GET REWARDED with just TAKING SELFIES!! SO awesome! 

me selfie-ing behind the selfie machine. totally selfiception. lol! OKAY! it's pretty simple to enter the contest!

1. Go to any KISS ME Selfie Stations in WATSONS @ Pavilion, Midvalley or One Utama

2.  Look out for the Selfie Camera! (They're actually using the new Sony Xperia C3 for this)

3. Grab any KISS ME products on the shelves and take a SELFIE !! SO SIMPLE OMG

Literally as easy as 1, 2, 3 !!

After that you can get the code to upload your KISS ME SELFIE ON THEIR APP HERE to participate in the contest!
Don't worry if you're like me and don't know how to upload shits for real, there's a shop assistant there to help you! :D so nice!

So what's the prizes? 
Basically there's 3 ROUNDS, starting from October to December this year, there will be prizes to win EVERY MONTH!
the ones with the MOST LIKES each round wins the GRAND PRIZE - Xperia C3 phone ! 
the ones with the MOST SHARES each round wins 1 year supply of Kiss Me Products!!

Oct - Dec : 
Sony Xperia C3 Smart Phone + 
1 year supply of Kiss Me Product + 
100k Watsons points

Oct - Dec : 
1 year supply of Kiss Me Product

10 x RM100 worth Kiss Me Product / per week

Mystery Prize :
Register at KissMeMy = Kiss Me products

Token of Appreciation : 
Anyone who take a selfie at the station = Kiss Me vouchers

**Important dates of this contest**
October (Round 1)
Taking Selfie at Station: 1 Oct – 31 Oct
Like gaining period: 1 Oct – 7 Nov
Sharing period: 1 Oct - 7 Nov

November (Round 2)
Taking Selfie at Station: 1 Nov – 30 Nov
Like gaining period: 1 Nov – 7 Dec
Sharing period: 1 Nov – 7 Dec

December (Round 3)
Taking Selfie at Station: 1 Dec– 31 Dec
Like gaining period: 1 Dec – 7 Jan’15
Sharing period: 1 Dec – 7 Jan’15

Good luck guys!! May the games BEGIN! 

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