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Friday, July 4, 2014


outerwear : pyramid / top : COTTON ON / skirt : online / necklace : ALDO / boots : DOC MARTENS

What I wore today! Like just a few hours ago. Being very efficient nowadays blogging straight after an event.
Somehow I don't know what to blog about for this post, except for my outfits, and maybe give you guys a lil update of my life now.
So for this post I'll be talking about random thoughts on my mind, like sudden thoughts maybe, so guys, 
this post will be all about random thoughts or facts that you probably or might have not known about me. LEGGO.

What's on my tabs : 

/ - reading on tokidoki x SHELL station in selangor
 / - Frank Ocean - Pyramid
/ - scrolling tru random art works

Speaking about BEHANCE, I do have a behance account, and it's right HERE.
I never shared it out before cause I still have so much work that I haven't put up yet, 
but follow me for more updates cause I think I'll probably update it this weekend since I'm free!

Speaking about the weekends, My plans initially was to stay at home, lay back, and shake my leg....
But thanks to the idiot driver who banged my car 2 days ago, now I have to repair my car on the weekend.
and figure out an alternative way to get to work.. WTFF :( how to go to work like that... :(
Anyways! This weekend I still plan to paint my nails, wanna do a SUMMER NAILS video too,
just wondering how am I gonna paint my right hand side one since I'm right handed :/ yikes! let's see how it goes:)


nice boots.
The most expensive pair of shoes are not high heels or any ferragamos for me. 
For me, the most expensive shoes I have in my closet are just these Doc Marts,
and what not, they're givien to me by my ex for my birthday a few years ago... A guy that really loved me,
and this is the only thing that I still wear which is given by my ex that I didn't throw away.
Frankly I never keep things that my ex-es give me, I'll just throw it away no matter what, cause I had a lot of bad break-ups.
and the things that they gave were sentimental in a bad way, but except for these babies, how could I ever throw you away T_T

what's on my face today:
Nivea moisturizer, Maybelline matte lipstick, Naked2 eye shadow, Kose BB Cream, Cyber color eyebrow pencil 

TINASHE - 2 On ft SchoolBoy

last food I had : CHIPS
Food that I don't think I can live without - anything SPICY. 
Food that I don't quite fancy - mushy brinjal, mushroom, celery (ew)

I haven't been into the gym for more than half a year already....

I have a MICKEY MOUSE birth mark. It's on my inner thigh. which I don't think I can show you.

I still buy myself stuffed animals, sometimes, and I don't think I'll ever stop.
When I was small and younger I never said I love you to anyoneee

I used to hate my height because I was and still am one of the tallest girl among my friends.
I wanted to fit in when I was younger I guess, but as time grew I got more comfortable with it :)

I'm thinking of dying my hair black.... and go back to bangs again.. what do you guys think ? But I love my brown hair...

I have a phobia with tight and crowded spaces. 

and last but not least, I can't swim, because I always hate the thought of water going into your ears, 
I have real sensitive ears by the way. haha and also I don't like the thought of emerging your whole head into water.

haha this was really random...

ASK ME ANYTHING HERE AT ASKFM if you're too shy to ask me in real life k!


dana dimitras said...

Such a lovely look :)

Hadrien Leite said...

Super cool pics
Nice outfit too
Great work :)