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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Inspired by the Hindus and Hippies

How to dress like a modern day Hippie...who practices Hinduism...
Well, actually the outfits are more like how to dress up like an Indian, but come on that's racist,
not all indians practice hinduism, hence the tittle :) 

Many of you ask me why I wear a bindi whenever you see me, here's my reason why:
Hinduism, and Hippies has always been one of my interest and inspiration when it comes to fashion.
1) I love how the way hindu gods / traditional indians / dress up, they tend to have lots of sparkly jewelry around them.
2) their attitude and lifestyle- there's something about them which is so care-free, like a free spirit.
Hence, if I like wearing a bindi, I shall wear a bindi, life's too short to care too much about what others think as long as you're happy:)
The great thing about being a hippie is you don't have to be tied down by religious tradition of any kind.
you can freely sample them all and take / practice what works for you,
 I love the spirituality and way of living that the hindus practice, not the countless amount of devis they have.
3) their cosmic adventures- trippy imageries, weird and unconnected coincidence in most of the hindu devi stories.
who doesn't find that interesting?

But first here's some accessories I got from Diva recently. woohoo! 
Picked out 4 item that caught my eye, and can you believe all of these are under rm250 ?!

First look :

top : COTTON ON / skort : ZARA / accessories : DIVA

- Wear flowy "kimono" inspired cardis. 
wearing this just gives me an instant vibe of caring about nature, and being one with it. hahah
I don't know if that makes sense or not...

 - Braid your hair.
In this case I fishtail-ed my hair and opened a middle parting.

- (for the make up) Line your waterline black 
It may not be the clearest here, but I did line my waterline black and made the end of my eyeliner longer.
Hindus always have that. and I think that look makes them so mysterious and sexy!

See how pretty this headpiece is?!? fell in love with it straight when I first saw it,
 I was a bit skeptic to buy it thinking where the hell would I wear this to,
besides a hindu temple / wedding / okay maybe I'm gonna plan an indian theme birthday for myself.
Bur whatever it is, I believe that if you like something but don't know where to wear it to,
my advice is to just buy it first, and think later. ;) 

Aren't these shades cute?! p/s cute and functional too! it's has sp 400+ protective lenses! 

This anklet is so charming! I always find indian leg anklet sexy tho. 
See how accessories makes a huge difference ?

Second look:

top, skirt : TOPSHOP / boots : Dr. Martens / accessories : DIVA

- Wear colorful and vibrant patterns
Okay this my not look like a hippie / hindu look at all, but we're talking about modern day now.
Hippies and hindus both share a love for colorful and vibrant patterns. they have lots of floral prints too.
hence the shirt LOL. 

I changed my anklet into a bracelet. hahha, what do you think? 

Third look: 

top : TOPSHOP / skirt : H&M / accessories : DIVA

- Wear beaded pattern clothes.
I love embellishments and beads, and when especially it has a taste of India from it. 

- Paint your nails and lips red.
Not being stereotypical but I do notice a lot of Indians wear red nails and paint their lips dark red.

- Diva up with DIVA
Lastly, this look wouldn't be achieved without the help from the accessories I picked from DIVA,
Clothes and shoes may be the key of dressing up a look, but accessories always play the part to complete the look.
Sometimes small little details like accessories contribute a lot into what kindda style you're going for.
My personal favorites are the from the "Statement" section at Diva, and recently they came out with this
hindu- inspired section which is where I got my anklet and headpiece from :)

OKAY, thanks for reading everyone, hope you have a great sunday! :D 

Diva Stores
Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, Sunway Pyramid, Mid Valley Megamall, One Utama New Wing, Farenheit 88, Empire Mall, Subang, AEON Bukit Tinggi, The Curve, City Square, Johor Bharu, Paradigm Mall, Plaza Merdeka, Sarawak 


Richeen Siew said...

how can someone be this cute! you look so good with those accessories and I honestly think that you pull off that Bindi very well!
Yet another awesome post from you! Can't wait for more <3 <3


Ajeng Andianti said...

you look so cute!
would you mind to follow each other? :)

greetings from Hong Kong :)

Marianne said...

So cute! I really like that style and you are beautiful. xx

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