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Friday, March 21, 2014

CK one red edition launch at Providence

corset : LA SENZA / jacket : ZARA / skirt + bag : TOPSHOP / shoes : VINCCI
photo credits all thanks to Angeline xoxo 

The dress code was Red & Black and I wish I had a sizzling hot red dress, but this corset is the only red thing I have, lol.
I love going to events with dress codes! :D it's fun to rummage through your wardrobe and you get to see how people dress up,
and in Providence, wow, there's just so many hot ladies... I've never been to Providence before so thank you again for the invites!

Pardon me for looking a lil sleepy in this picture and maybe some of it below, or as most of my friends call it "the drunk look",
it wasn't even taken after the event were we all get sweaty and smudge our make up, it was taken just a few minutes upon arrival! 
I think it's most likely my mata sepet (narrowed eyes) that make me look like I'm a bit high on something, or drunk,
curse my chinese blood for that!!! My friends tell me it's hard to differentiate whether I'm really drunk,or not.
But nevertheless just to clarify I wasn't drunk at all despite drinking more than 16 glass of vodka and jd while taking these pictures*

*after that is another story

A few minutes before the launch, #butfirstletmetakeaselfie !! 
woohoo!! the pretty bloggers (carolyn and angeline) I met outside when I just arrived! Don't they look like sisters?!
It's funny how we all met online for almost more than a year now (?!) but we never got the chance to met in real life.
It's sooooo sureal because we follow each others instagram so it's like I feeel like I've seen them in real life before, but no.....
Anyways I'm so glad we finally got to meet up in person (and party together), my night wouldn't' be the same without you guys!! :')

anyways, back to topic, Check out how they dress up the interior!!

Everything's so red, including our face. This is what i like about clubs, the lighting makes you look so mysterious and hot, 
but in my case above, messy. haha wtf why our hair's already messy even before the party started?! 

Look at their very sexual and intense ad, so hot! Okay a lil introduction for CK one Red edition perfume, 
their iconic ck one signature flask bottle remains, but one thing different that I noticed from them is their cropped logo.
As first I thought, "eh? printing error ah?" but No, I guess because it's branding towards a more young and bold crowd.
the cropped "C" gives it a more of mysterious vibe (in my own opinion), and the packaging is simple and modern. 
and it's also what a lot of brands are doing to their logos nowadays,what to do, less is more ;D 

For her (the white one) 
sexy. luminous. energizing. an addictive new expression that is fresh yet daring and intense.
Juicy watermelon and invigorating florals fuse together with sensual patchouli and 
intimate skin musk for a powerful trail of undeniable magnetism and seduction.

For him (the black one) (why ah guys always get to look cooler with the black color? ish)
vibrant. warm. fresh. addictive. and aromatic tonic woody that is undeniably sexy.
opening with succulent red pear, the heart comes alive as pepper and ginger blend together.

Both men and women is only RM215 per bottle (100ml) and they also have a body wash which is RM75

The drinks they served had a for him and for her theme to it too, haha
"For her" was Belvedere + watermelon / cranberry, and "For him" was Belvedere with er.... can't remember lol. 
but it definitely wasn't coke. it made me go WHOOPPPPS in this picture! haha no, 
me and Angeline were just being silly experimenting on a camera trick a photographer thought us, haha!
I like the one "for her" (white pinkish one) because it's sweet and smooth, 
but I like the "for him" (the black one) better cause it's stronger and kicks in faster :P
I have this love hate relationship when it comes to Vodka, It's not as strong as whiskey, and it kicks in later, much later like a silent ninja.
and before you know you're already intoxicated with tipsy juice and you can't go back, you already downed 10 cups like mineral water.

with all the other hot bloggers. 
and there was also this best dressed competition which both guy and girl won from our group *claps claps*! :D

Donovan and I, the guy from Manoah who invited me, thank you boss! :D 
and thanks for Angeline who was practicing the camera trick on me LOL

hehe, still constantly practising. I don't like that white thing, but I still like this picture:) 

So basically it was a fun night getting to meet all the other hot bloggers, and to experience the launch of this awesome perfume.
Providence is awesome too by the way, homey and not as trashy as a lot of clubs out there, 
I feel like I can dress nicely and come out all in one piece here LOL. A nice place to meet lots of inspiring people,
one of the inspiring people I met was one of the investors for Providence, thanks to my "confident juice".
It was great to see people investing in something they believe and watch it grow and talking to people like that really inspires me.

my last picture of the night was with a friend of mine- Mark. god damn it.
me : "hey let's take a picture!"
mark : "okay sure, are you ready for an awesome one"
me: " errrr.. ok!"
and he grabbed and lift me up when i was posing, hahahah. damn it, Mark.

thanks to everyone for making my night! see ya again ! xoxo


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Looks like a fun evening

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Looks like a lot of fun. Great photos. Wish to check out my blog and maybe follow each other?

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Lovely outfit! Great pics. xx


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