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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Things to do for Valentine's day

Here's my humble guide for you guys who are clueless and who have NO IDEA what to do for Valentine's day.
(Catered for guys especially) These are just some of my suggestions that I seriously would do if I was a guy, 
I may not know much about love, but I think I would be hopelessly romantic if I was a guy... 
So here's some of my ideas that I thought of that could help work for you but first! 

At least pay attention to her 3 months before Valentine's day. Understand what she likes,
Her type of movie, her favorite place to have fun or chill, her favorite food, etc....
If you failed to have done so, it's okay, you can listen to / read my blog,
maybe my advices could help:

- ① -
Valentine's day promotions are EVERYWHERE. hotel offers are out, places for dinning are all being fully booked.
So guys, don't leave the bookings / reservations last minute... It's such an un-gentlemen thing to do...
You wouldn't wanna disappoint your lady, so if you don't book early it's either you suffer the consequences of having second best 
or you'll need to be extra creative now to surprise her... But don't worry, I might be able to help.

- ② -
Gentlemen... flowers are a must
Don't just get the cliches roses just because you THINK roses SHOULD be romantic?
NO, let's say she likes orchids, get her orchids then! Take some time to understand her... 
like for me I'm quite a picky nut, I'm a bias for big pastel pink roses WITH long branches.... 
It's not easy to find around here, but yeah, I think if a guy got that for me I would be so impressed, 
also wrapped in a transparent foil instead of the designs they provide at the shop (some even got an ugly bear stuck to it)
If you know where she works get at least a big bunch (like 80+ lol) and DELIVER IT TO HER! BOOM on her table like that, haha
and all the other girls beside her would be thinking, "Damn... I wished somebody would love me like THAT."
It's a win-win situation, she's happy she talks about you to her colleagues, they get jealous, 
everyone will know that she's taken when she post a picture of it on facebook and tags you and your ego boosts up. 
See, told you I'd be romantic like that. 

③ -
What? you think this is not a big deal? Getting recognized and approved by your best friend is a huge deal for your girl.
Even better, introduce her to SOME of your bros, don't you want to make sure the girl you're dating goes along with your friends? 
A girl who is not shy to communicate with your bros is one to keep, bro. Sometimes she just wants to enter your circle, 
to see the people who hangs out with you, and of course to know and understand you more
And as a girl I know it's a nice feeling getting approved by the bros beside you. :)

④ -
Do this surprise if you are close to each other, if not it'll annoy the crap out of her!
I would do this trick, get lots of helium balloons and flood it in her car, so when she opens it everything flows out magically.
That is of course if you have the keys to her car, if not then you'll need to try a way to break into her car.
To top it off, leave a small gift underneath all those balloons, and a card! So when she finds out she'll be like, "awww..."
P/S. not advisable to those girls who has phobia of balloons..

⑤ -
Or you could hang this in her room with a helium balloon (must be helium balloon), tied to a present,
I saw this surprise once and my heart totally melted. it was at a big room with just one helium balloon at the corner...
now speaking of presents... Valentine's day actually is a quite big day for some girls...
To them it's like a birthday, they would remember what they did or got during Vday when you ask them,
On this day you wanna buy something special for her, I know there's a lot of things that you could buy, 
not being materialistic but I believe if you love a lady you would wanna spoil her with all the finest things in life for this special day
well at least that's what I would definitely do if I didn't mind spending and if I was a guy who had a girlfriend I love.
You can buy her either a pandora, tiffany and co or a chanel, I think brands like these truly makes a lady FEEL like a lady.
Thanks to advertising. 

But one of my top gifts that I would get is this gorgeous Cartier Love Bracelet.. I'm sure you've seen it before.
It's quite mainstream, but it's honest because I would buy a pair, one for me, and one for the girl (IF I WAS A GUY).
Such a nice thought to think that if I had one, and my guy was wearing one too, 
I'll be thinking about him when I look at my bracelet. and he as well... SIGHHHHH. so sweet lah....
It's like this secret thing that only we would know.. heheheh <3 nbsp="" p="">
They have this screwdriver to open the bracelets... I think that it's such a sweet thing to get a pair..
sigh... if only, *wishful thinking* .. haha I just absolutely adore this... I could stand in the shop and stare at it all day... 
I love the sound it makes when it clicks with it's other pair, and you could get engravings to carve your love.
Again guys, if you really have the budget, your girlfriends would seriously love this gift A LOT....

⑦ -
Or you could get a Tiffany & co necklace, my advice is to get this same design in silver.

⑧ -
Tired of always going out to watch movies? pick a movie, or not just one even, lay in bed, 
cuddle together whenever you want to, before she comes toss some rose petals around, and lit some scented candle lights...
You don't want it to be too cheesy, so get some snacks like popcorn and make the convo light and easy!

⑨ -
Ever tried having a romantic picnic in the garden? Try sipping wine, get her to wear a sundress and bring out your shades,
talk and laugh under the trees with the breeze and maybe hopefully some swans swimming in the lake nearby,
just hope that they don't come and steal your food...

⑩ -
VILLA SAMADHI.... If you guys are searching for a hotel I recommend non other than this one...
The atmosphere is quiet, away from the hustle and bustle of the city noise, the air is better because of it's trees,
and it's furniture even floor is made out mostly of wood, and almost all of the wood there are aged above 40 years old.
They have this lovely pool, (which I've drawn) with the sun bed, can you imagine chilling with your girlfriend there?
Guys, I know most of you always have this bad habit of constanly checking facebook / playing with your phone,
but take this time off (maybe book a whole weekend there) to shut down your phone, and talk about love :)
 Show your girl how much you love her, I'm sure she'll appreciate it a lot :) 
Why touch your phone all the time when you can touch your babe guys???!

① -
Remember the flowers that I advised you to give her? Put them to use now! 
pluck the petals off and throw them into the bathtub. IF YOU TAKE MY NUMBER 10 ADVISE that's great!
Toss them into the hotel's bathtub because cleaning the tub afterwards isn't romantic at all... lol!

The beach. hold hands. watch the sunset. nothing more romantic than that. final. okay. bye.

③ -
I suggest places with an amazing night view of the city lights...
since look out point is already closed, I suggest places where you could sit and cuddle looking outside,
the first place that come i mind is luna bar / sky bar because of it's sofa, near to the window, 
or else, the rood, helipad, or marinis would be an excellent choice too. 

④ -
Finally guys... Don't be a jerk... I know a lot of guys who just because they just wanna sleep with the girl on Vday
they'd be all romantic and shit just to impress the girl and think that they would fall into their beds afterwards,
but I also know A LOT of girls who fall into that trap and I really pity them :( and so guy,
Don't do ANYTHING if you don't wanna have a serious relationship with the girl... Please la, don't break hearts.
Valentine's day like I said is quite a sentimental day for ANY GIRL. (any girl who denies are mostly lying)
Valentine's day is a day for giving love, not wanting love with bad intentions. SO be a gentlemen guys!
If you don't see a future with her, don't give her any hopes okayy ? :)

Okay guys, another tip, you wanna know a lil secret from us girls? We actually loveeeeee PDA's.
Not the smooching kind of PDA's (Public-Display-Affection), but the little ones like holding hands while walking,
the little kisses on the cheeks, patting her on the head, you gotta touch her, grab her by the waist / shoulders...
Your girl will always be your little girl that needs to be taken care of. Although of course she can perfectly take care of herself,
I think girls adore their man caring for them.. 
wake up GUYS!! your girl needs pampering, you need to constantly remind her how much you love her, 
because even if we already know it, we just like to hear it from you all the time. :) 

I may not know much about love, heck, I'm not even sure myself if I've ever experienced true love before,
but to me, I believe that love is something that needs to be nurtured. Just like a plant, you need to always be there for it,
to watch it grow / grow together, to take care of it, to shower it with love, to talk to it so that it grows beautifully (chinese belief) lol

OKAY. hope this post helps inspire you guys! :)
have fun on Valentine's day guys! GOOD NIGHT!


Jodi H said...

Love the graphics. All good suggestions.

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such a cute post!

francesca from Frank Vinyl

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