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Sunday, February 9, 2014

What to wear for Valentine's day

Valentine's day is justtttt around the corner, 
and since I don't think I would be celebrating this year (ps, friends, family, guys, girls date me out please!) 
I came up with a few a tips for those of you girls who have NO IDEA what to wear for valentines day!! :D
Haha, most of them are just for laughs but some of them are LEGIT. trust my tips...
It's really simple, just pick which one is you, so if you're... 


...and I'll be celebrating with my girlfriends today (A1) [THE IT'S OKAY]
...and fucking horny I wanna get laid tonight so bad (A2) [THE SLUT] 
...but unavailable - because I'm too cool for Valentine's day (A3) [THE BOSS]
...but unavailable - because my partner has a wife / is gay (A4) [THE MISTRESS]
...but unavailable - because it's complicated (A5) [THE STAY HOME]


...and I'll be meeting the parents (in-laws) today! (B) [THE GUAI LUI]
...and I'm thinking of something naughty tonight (B2) [THE SLUT]
...since forever... (B3) [THE STAY HOME]
...maybe he'll propose this time! (B4) [THE WAITING]
...and in a low budget to do anything for valentines day (B5) [THE BUBBLE]


Choose which is yours yet? okay IF YOU CHOSED: 


so what if you're gonna be single on Valentine's day? spend it with your (single) girlfriends! 
Embrace this loving day and channel this love to all the ones who needs it (single ladies).
Show them the love, tell them how much you care about them, wear PINK! something light, something flirty, 
something girly, this outfit is for night outs (classy drinking) never know you might meet some single guys along the way. ;)
PS. please don't wear this to a club, btw you wouldn't wanna meet guys in the club on Vday, 
cause they only want your V if you know what I mean;) hHHAHAHAHA I'm so lame.

(A2) [THE SLUT] 
You COULD wear this to a club, no problem, the whip belt COULD be used as an accessory.
This outfit shows you're asking for it. wear this out if you wanna get raped and fucked hard tonight. no joke.
This outfit shows that you are SOOOO available for Vday (or anytime of the day after you wore this out),
and it shows that you are SOOOOOO horny, so if you wanna display that message my suggestions is wear
leather, SUPER high and sharp heels (preferably black), hot sexy lace leggings, and some detailed top, 
so all eyes goes to the upper part of the body, HAHAHAHH, work it, you slut.

(A3) [THE BOSS] 

You are powerful, You are on top of your career game, You've got it all under-control, 
and most of all you don't give a shit about Valentine's day because you have a million other more important things to do.
You keep your priorities straight and got your mind on your money. Valentines day to you is just a waste of money, 
and love to you doesn't exist. You wear leather too because you're hard-core like that, 
with spikes leather boots to show your inability to be vulnerable. You're a hard nut.

You can't say that you're in a relationship because your partner is either gay or has a family.
You remain silently single and you hide your face whenever you go out on dates together, 
You dress up the total opposite of your casual wear, and you wear shades all the time.
for this Valentines day, I understand that you still can't revile much of your true identity,
but you could opt for some pink / red floral (preferably silk) scarf because you're imagining that you're a datin.

(A5) / (B3) [THE STAY HOME]
the only reason why you're single and unavailable is because of your complicated life with your korean dramas.
or maybe you're just meant to be FOREVER ALONE. 
or Maybe because the "boyfriend" relationship you're having is long distance.
For this look, just put on the most comfiest House shirt, doesn't matter if you didn't iron it and it has wrinkles, 
because NO ONE is gonna spend valentine's day with you.... #sadtruth #thetruthishard


OMG. this is THE BIG DAY, you are about to meet the parents who gave birth and raised your future husband!
(altho I doubt anyone introduces their girlfriends to the family exactly on Vday, but just in case they do)
THIS IS THE TIME to show them HOW FREAKING NICE YOU ARE! Research on the things that they like to do, 
find topics (worst comes to worst) prepare TOPIC cards just in case you don't know what to talk about! 
talk about food, plants, politics, and in case if you're desperate, talk about the weather...
FOR THIS LOOK, wear the most vintage thing you can find in your closet / wardrobe.
You wanna come in as a nice girl who blends into their era well, 
You wanna come in as a nice girl who is LOW MAINTENANCE, hence take off all gold / diamond accessories!
Also, you wanna show that your beauty comes naturally, 
not by relying on the thousand of cash spent for the products you put on your face everyday.
Your make up should be the most minimal with a tint of blusher, 
and you can braid your hair a bit messier because you wanna show that it was effortless.
Remember, your beauty is effortless, natural, and you're LOW MAINTENANCE.
OH wear something at a appropriate length, feminine, and lacey, (LOAD OF LACE!)AND OH YEAH, CARDIGAN, 
Cardigan is a sign of weakness, but I'm telling you in-laws loves girls who wear cardigans!! NO JOKE. try it! 

Yup, you should be a slut to your man, and your man only, 
there's a saying how girls like bad boys being good only to them, 
and how guys like good girls only being bad to them, which I think is kindda true....
Spice up your relationship, try something new in the bed room ;) like reading. okay bye.

You've been waiting... for a very very long time. 
Since the day you met you've been waiting, it's been 5 years? 7 years??? WHEN IS HE GONNA PROPOSE?!
Are you that girl who's waiting? For this outfit you can wear ALLLLL white, so just in case he DOES propose,
You can have a wedding straight away! and do have your bridesmaid as speed dial on your phone. 

Low budget? NO WORRIES! one thing that I find highly romantic is talking a warm bubble bath with your other half.
It's so intimate and it doesn't cost much! for this look, get a really cute bathrobe (okay or towel also can lah)
we're talking about low budget am I right ;)

HAHA, I had lots of fun creating this post, suddenly thought about doing this last night, 
and took the pictures this morning cause I was bored, haha, hope you guys had some great laughs, 
whatever you plan to do or whatever you plan to wear on Valentines' day, just remember to enjoy it! :)

And don't worry for THE BOYS, 
I have a post made for you coming up soon..



Ice Pandora said...

Haha great Valentine themed
outfits :P I think I'm gonna
go for the A5 lol...

JULES said...

HAHA I'm A5 too, high 5 to that! hehehehe @ice pandora. Have a great Vday ahead!

Eric Lee Huangshi said...

Hi. great post! May I do a parody of this post? More of a guy's version.

Carmen Hong said...

This is so adorbs! Love all the outfits!

Marlen said...

hahah i loved the gifs,this was such a cute post!

xo marlen
Messages on a Napkin

Bellamoreway said...

lol omg this post is so fun to read! i'm gonna go with B5 since me and my bf both students andd alr too broke this month! XD but my birthday is on valentines day also so.. maybe i will just wait for any kind of surprises (high expectation lol)

Anyway hoping u a great valentines day! I think the best simple way to celebrate is just to eat yummy chocolate cake in a cafe while listening to cutesy love songs :3

Eriol Loh said...

wow this is awesome about valentines great to read this

Eliza Wong said...

Haha love the descriptions and the different themes, very cute! Mistress was my fave =P


Miss Eliza WonDerland