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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

CICCIO Ristorante Bar Pizzeria FOOD REVIEW!

unexpectedly matching outfit, LOL.
top: borrowed from bff, skirt: Zara, shoes: Aldo

So almost last 2 weeks ago I was invited to visit this cozy place called Ciccio at Changkat, 
do you know which one I'm talking about? It's a pretty hot topic for those of you who often go to Changkat.
It's located just rightt beside the car park area which is so convenient! (you know the one you have to pay rm15 for) 
I know Changkat is a place mostly to get drinks, but hey why not have some good food there first and then make your way to drinks;)
which is literally what I did that night and went back at 5am... LOL
so here's how the exterior looks like! 

it may look small from the outside but it's actually quite a deep way in, 
here's the interior! 

me and the boss of Ciccio
thank you boss for the invitation and the warm hospitality! you're awesome!

p/s I want this 2 lion head small fountain thingy as my christmas present! LOL.
The mood and atmosphere of the restaurant is enchanting, I'm telling you this kindda lightings are good for dates!
It makes YOU and your partner look so enticing because of the yellow-orangy lights...

Got a pimple? No problem. Just head on to Ciccio ! The lightings are like real-life photoshop,
The place is quite private, and they're actually one of the oldest Italian restaurants in KL.
With ribbles of water splashing from the lion's mouth, the orange lightings, friendly chefs and amazing food,
I'm definitely drawn by it's warm and welcoming ambience. 

the boss making sure every dish is served right, 
seriously he is meticulous and he hands us almost all the dish himself.

appetizers are here people! I think I have this soft spot for comfort foods you know anything to do with carbs.
It's crazy cause it makes you fat and lazy, and that how I wanna be in another life, Fat and Lazy like a cat.
By the way don't be fooled by looking at how ordinary this bread looks like it's actually soo good.
Italians have a thing for making awesome bread. Crispy on the crust, soft on the white, and it goes so good with the olive oil.
I helped myself with quite a lot of servings cause I was so hungry and I also had some fun with it, haha: 

okay moving on! 

"Affettato di porchetta"
Slice of roasted rolled pork with rocket salad

This was one of the starters. OM NOM NONM NOM I'M A GOAT. okay ignore me...
The nutty-ness of the rocket salad really compliments the pork. just imagine salad with bacon, perfection.
Talk about a diet plan LOL.

One thing famous about Italians are THEIR PIZZAS!! I've eatten so many kinds of pizzas I should be the pizza master.
and one thing FAMOUS about Ciccio is their HANDMADE WOOD-FIRED pizzas.
I'm a sucker for pizzas but I never knew what was wood-fired pizzas until I did some research,
for you bimbos smart-people-who-never-noticed-these-things out there like me,

wood-fired pizzas are baked at 800-900 degrees next to a hardwood fire in an italian brick oven.
The dough is specially made for the oven and results in a crispy outside and a soft "fresh bread" inside texture.
This is Neapolitan style pizza made in the centuries old traditional way. There, don't you feel smarter now:)lol

They're famous for their pizza Diavola, which everybody knows made out of
tomato, mozzarella, spicy Napoli salami and chili, 

and their Pizza Prosciutto e funghi, which is made out of
tomato, mozzarella, cotto ham, and mushrooms! 
I personally liked this one more because it's kindda salty, and I like salty stuff, HAHAH.
mmmmmm salty pizzas.....

Although I may be a fan of carbs but I seriously don't know my "mees"
I don't know my fettuccine and pastas, and I'm sure there's lots more terms when it comes to noodles.
For me, anything long, and is made of of carbs in a thin way is called mee, (so asian!) and here I'm calling myself a food blogger. 
Oh well, i'll brush up on this issue another day, but I'm totally digging the linguine al branzino
it's seabass, red chicory, garlic, and a touch of chili and white wine sauce.
the Feattuccine al ragu' di chinghiale which is wild boar ragout with home-made fettuccine
was okay for me cause I personally don't fancy thick flat "mees"
Here I go again with my "meeeeeesss"...

so much food! look at that last main course which was Filetto di maiale
which is pan-fried pork loin wrapped with panceta, with pumpkin mesh and cherry sauce. 
That was sooo good. the pork was tender and the sauce was great! its' my second fav dish next to my ham pizza:)
You know you can't go wrong with mash pumpkin/ potatoes and meat with a great sauce.
So I recommend to you guys if you're not a fan of pasta / italian mee go for this dish instead! :) 

You know what, I've never tried an ice-cream cake till that day...
I'm such a picky eater, I cannot accept the fact that they can mix a cake and ice-cream together, 
that's why I've never tried or been able to try one before. 
But I guess the up side of being a food blogger now is that you get to try out new things. 
ICE CREAM CAKE included!
well I must that it's notttt bad, but I defo won't order this because I still can't accept eating ice cream mixed with cake together. haha!
this sicillian style ice cream cake had candied fruits, sponge cake, almonds and Galliano liquer in it!
man, thanks so much CICCIO and VIBEHERO for letting me experience this,
be it snails (ONE DAY!) or ice cream cake, even if it's a small thing but it's still a big experience for me!

Finally a group shot with the awesome team and the lovely chefs and boss of CICCIO.

check out here for other reviews on CICCIO

psss psss.. did you know that "Ciccio" means "good friends" in Italian?
see, another useful thing you learn in my blog, ahahaha ;)
toodles peeps! thanks for the invitation boss!

Ciccio Pasticcio
address :15, Changkat Bukit Bintang, KL



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