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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Kuala Lumpur Vintage Festival 2014 !

top & bag : Topshop / skirt : FABSPY / shoes : Zara

Kuala Lumpur Vintage Festival 2014
venue : beside Zouk Club
time : saturday - 10am - 11pm
sunday - 9am - 9pm

I went to this Vintage Festival beside Zouk in KL just a few hours ago! and I'm just soo excited to blog about it now.
It's been the hype around facebook for a few weeks now, even though i'm so so so tired right now. but I. MUST. BLOG. lol...

You don't see me wearing outfits like these much do you.
With the big feather earrings, neon lips, and the head scarf, I'm turning into a real 70's hippie because of this festival.
I love festivals like these because you can dress up and see other really funky people around you with cool outfits. 
And of course if it wasn't for the vintage shopping I wouldn't be there.
I always had and will always have a love for vintage anything! from cars, clothes to bikes and kites (just because it rhythms) 
I find vintage things more characteristic and alluring. As if it has a sentimental value to it that makes me happy.

and speaking of happyyyyyy...

I wanna give a big thank you for FABSPY for sponsoring me this lovely midi skirt. 
I thought it would be perfect to wear it out on a vintage shopping day like this.
I've always fancy midis but never got a chance to wear them because I thought it would look too old on me. 
But this one is absolute love because of it's sheer cloth with a shorter lining to bring out some modern vibes to it.
I'm a hippie with modern vibes ! 8D

FABSPY is a locally born curated clothing website inspired by music, fashion and arts.
They're formed by a group of young, savvy fashion forward team of people from various different backgrounds,
which is good because the brand provides various style whether you're a boho wild-child who loves a good party and
who loves to dance in denim and tassels or an androgynous risk-taker who's rocking a pair of studded loafer with a boyfriend blazer,
they've got it all. It's like a one stop online shopping destination for all things stylish for anyone.
shipping for Malaysia is FREE and they also provide shipping worldwide! :D 
check them out HERE guys! give them a like on facebook too! 

Okay now back to KLVF

Last year they had it in this Nasi Kandar place just beside of KLCC, and this year they're having it beside Zouk.
which is totally weird at first thought cause I've never notice anything beside Zouk but Zouk at night.
But the space was awesome and this year was wayy bigger than lasts'.
We parked our car in an illegal parking space in front of Zouk.
(not gonna mention where cause I'm not gonna encourage.)
which is the most awesome thing ever cause not only did my car not get scratched or tolled,
I saved up rm15-rm30 from parking to spend it more on junks! vintage stuff hhaahhhaahha

The items sold there are amazing.
The price range can go up to 2k (for a wooden horse) or as low as rm2 (for a vintage dress).
Freaking RM2 ?! like who does that?! But I did get some good finds with that Rm2.
The clothes that I bought from this year's vintage festival were mostly rm5 / rm10 / rm20.
The most expensive thing that I bought was some vintage toys that went up to RM60
The feeling of finding great stuffs at a super low cost puts a smile on any girl's face...
They had so many vintage golds there, like some genuine Chanel bag that was only rm200+
and Dior, Gucci, LV bags too! all real and genuine, and you can't find them out there anymore cause it's vintage.

here's some shots of the place: :)

these maroon Martens were the first thing that greeted me when I entered the place! 

batman convos! and more shoes....

look at them old school!

cool dragon shirtssss! 

okay time for some massive shopping. gotta share with you guys some amazing prints that caught my eye.

I want and I need this chilli top! but too bad the price was overbudget for me...

THIS ONE TOO! goshhh :( rm170+ for this lovely thang...

Oh oh and take a look at HOW OLD this leather jacket is... AMAZING..... 
here's some other things

This is so nostalgic.. I don't know if you guys tried this before.. 
but I remember having these whenever I visit the clinic / dentist when I was like 5 or 6 years old.
This sweet really brings back memories, even though they aren't the happiest memories
considering the fact that I only have these when I visit the doctor...
But it was great seeing them after shopping in this shop...
but after I ate them finish then only I thought to myself,
"do they even still produce them?! did I just ate like super expired shit?!"

loving these!!

this neon CD really got my attention and cracked me up.

another neon drink that looks like dish washer liquid / reminds me of Dettol. 
apparently it's the best soda my friend had, I donno, I didn't try. didn't dared to.
It would feel like I'm drinking dish washer juice. just look at that packaging!

this one looks more convincing. 

we're being total rebels today.
first parking the car at an illegal space? Now eating where the mainstream is not. 
we found this amazing spot. WITH SHADE and a great view all to ourselves to have lunch.
here's what we've bought for our "picnic"

BOCCA's coffee, AND THIS SODA DRINK IS OMG.. YUMS! It's called POP the SODA ?
if you're going there you have to try this! I got the banana flavor since everything run out of stock. 
They're so famous there they run out of stock FAST! ( I bought 3 different flavors back home afterthat btw...)

Tried this Royale Grill sandwich/ french toast(?). It's got chicken + cheese grilled to juicy perfection to it! 
I would recommend this as well if you see it there... Then again me and my friend were sooo hungry,
we were starving ourselves focusing more on shopping till we delayed our lunch to 4pm... didn't even have breakfast!
you know them #gurls ....
Eating our lunch and looking at all these beautiful cars and bikes around us...

looks like it's sad! :(

now that's scary...

wut up ET! 

why helllo Harley ;) 

shits... just look at this guy.
I've actually got my eye on his bike for the longest time. look at them gold gangsta rims.
and look at the people at the back watching him ride, hahhaha. hilarious...

Okay here's a better shot of him that I took. vroom vroom away!! I like that jacket btw, hahaha

OKAY so that pretty much sums up my vintage shopping trip. I went there at 12pm and got back at almost 6pm. 
Bought so many things I could barely walk a straight line while carrying all these oldie goodies!

My advice when you've going there:
• Bring a hair tie cause it's gonna be so hot if you have long hair.
• Don't need to wear any fancy shoes because of the rain it's a lil muddy there
(okay not a lil it's very muddy, and it smells like a zoo after the rain, but who cares?! lol)
• Entrance is Rm1 but go there early if you wanna find parking or get free entrance
• Do eat a lil before you come, alert alert, there's gonna be soo much stuffs to look at you might neglect eating like me.
• Always dig into those bundled stuffs (you know them cheaper junks) you'll never know what you'll find
• Bring an umbrella just in case of heavy unexpected rains.
• You could also bring those super big bag to put all your treasures in it! 
• Stay hydrated, cause I also neglected drinking while shopping... LOL
• There isn't much mirrors in the stall so if you need to see how you look like with a certain vintage cloth, wear it and take a picture.

The stuff were soo cheap already but I still manage to get some awesome bargains, I'm so proud of myself.
Stay updated to my Instagram guys cause I'll be posting updates on what I've bought from this trip! 
Loving each and everyone of them so much~~~ ! 

I really hope you guys just keep getting bigger and bigger every year :) 

click here on my instagram to see what awesome stuffs that I bought from this festival!!


Ice Pandora said...

This is so my market c:
Love the vintage, homemade,
retro stuff! I'd have
brought home that typewriter!!

Milex said...

nicely done

Nathan Moy said...

I'm so happy that you did a post on this festival, what's the best is your outfit! That sheer over the skirt is great, plus those gold flats are so chic! Very Meadham Kirchhoff SS14!!! <3 <3 So glad I clicked on your comment on ATLANTIC PACIFIC and got led back here to yours. It's seriously full of GREAT info and juicy pics here! Just followed you on GFC and bloglovin', be sure to see more of you soon. Btw, I just bought a gorgeous floral perspex clutch for only 50USD, you gotta check it out and tell me what you think! #PROVOKED?

xx The Provoker

Alexa C said...

LOVE your outfit! The shirt is so cute! Great pictures

Silkybow said...

Aw what a cute market!!
Love the outfit too :)

Stereos was really fun and I'm most likely going to Futures!


Miriam said...

And that's when, after a long lasting search, I eventually found a blogger that doesn't shy away from extensive posts. Praising your long, interesting posts and the awesome photos too!

Anna Crysell said...

Gorgeous look! Looks like a great day and that market is perfect

The Koalafornian x

t said...

Looks like a really cool market! I like your round sunglasses too! :)

Pelin Onal said...

Cute look, love the details and great photos

loving-evelyn said...

looks like a great festival

veronika girlandcloset said...

Oooh, what a fun day!! The shopping looks absolutely amazing, so many treasures + you look beautiful. Love that midi length skirt on you, totally fab piece!!

By The Shore, a life + style blog

Little Tree Vintage said...

this looks amazing, and YOU look amazing!

Kate Sarah said...

I think i just collapsed at the sight of all those docs...*swoon*. This place looks frickin awesome though! And i loveee your outfit.
-Kate from bleached mort

Tesa Jurjaševič said...

Lovely post!

Nora Armani said...

lovely photos and great look! You have a nice blog, let me know if you want to follow each other to stay in touch. I'll follow right back. Have a great day & Happy Holidays !

bro ayip said...

Tq Jules for the lovely writeup & photos. *aka gold gangsta rims. \,,/

Anonymous said...

what actually do you work as?

Anonymous said...

Well done friend, i found one of the best blog ever here! Please feel free to check my url.. So glad if you want to be one of our member for my Vintage collection !

Vintage Library said...

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I will recommend you guys to go Publika KL. Full of Vintage Shops such as the infamous "Outdated", filled with nice vintage furnitures. There are a few nice shops selling vintage stuff as well. But if you are looking for "NEW" vintage stuff, maybe you can come to our shop "Vintage Library" at Klang Parade in Klang. We sell önly new unused products, but with vintage designs. Visit us at for more information.