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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Caged up

cage-back bralet : DREAMERS / shorts : TS / leggings : Topshop / boots : Dr. Martens

I may look radiantly healthy here (thanks to the sunlight and my massive cool photographer), 
but the truth is I'm laying in bed typing this feeling as sick as ever! surrounded by walls of tissues it looks like I'm floating on clouds.
It's been a long time since I've got this sick, probably because of working / partying too much till so late these couple of days.
I knew it was coming, yet I can't avoid it. I'm eating sushi right now and I've just posted a picture of it here on INSTAGRAM

How was your weekend? 
Despite my blog post tittle, my weekend had been massive free flying roaming around places meeting new people.
Spending time with those whom I love, getting to know more about them and such it's been such a roller coaster ride,
filled with highs and lows, going up where you think you're at the top, and falling right back down in reality again.
And like every roller coaster ride it subsides and comes to an end, you get off, move on, and go for another one.

No wonder they say life is like a roller coaster ride, 
but wait, you only have one life, so does that mean ONE full roller coaster ride is ONE life?
and you go to another ride (REBIRTH) again ? Does this mean that we have 9 life like cats ??

Okay enough tripping, 
if you were a long loyal reader of my blog you would've know that I mention alot about a fashion brand called Fashion Sanity here.
I've mentioned it before here, here, here, here, and so much more I'll stop now before my whole blog ends up with Heres. 
If you were my close friend and asked what online shops are good you would also always hear me talking about Fashion Sanity.

Recently they have launched their website LES-REVEURS which i'm totally so proud off.
It's such a pretty website, user-friendly, easy to view, and so much easier to shop now.
there's 3 brands now which is Fashion Sanity, Dreamers, and Runwaydreamz all under one roof.

Runwaydreamz is a LA born brand, known for their customized vintage studded shorts.
they're so freaking adorable, I need to get these one day! I just love how "furry" their cuts are.

Dreamers is an In-house label, and it's for people all over the world who believes in unicorns,
 mermaids, fairies, and most importantly themselves. Loving everything here, it's all so whimsical!
This is where I got my cage back bustier from! :D 

and like most of you know their third brand is Fashion Sanity, which offers a wide range of pre-order items:)

and guy! Good news because they're offering FREE Nationwide Express Delivery ! how cool is that. 
Move over long waits and fretting if you can't get your dress in time, here comes the express shopping to the rescue!
Not only that PSSSSSS... they have an additional 5% off now using the code : OPENINGPROMO :)
free delivery + discounts ?! yes yes YES! :D haha

okay... I'm feeling so sick right now... Tissues everywhere GAHH THE TISSUE MONSTERS IS COMING AFTER ME...
=____= okay. my fever is making my head weird. I feel like I'm a balloon noww.. wooooooottt..
urghh *cries* can't I get better fast... should have asked for a jab instead :( 


Pelin Onal said...

Gorg look!

Arden said...

This is super. Your crop top is everything. xx

welovefur said...

I really like everything about this look
You are so cute

Regina said...

Awesome look!


I'll have to check out the site! great look, the tights and top are super cute

Cherelle from LACHERELLE said...

I think your style is great and love the shorts! X

Jo - Lost in the Haze said...

Such a gorgeous look! I love the leather jacket too - I'm so obsessed with them at the moment!

Lost in the Haze