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Thursday, November 7, 2013

2 days 1 night in Malacca

top + bag : topshop / bottoms : times square / flats : rubi

So I just got back from Malacca recently with a bunch of friends.
We stayed at this backpackers guesthouse that I've tried before, and okay, 
I'm gonna skip to the highlight which is of course...PARTY!! 

can you believe we RODE THE BIKE TO THE CLUBBBB???! in style....
It's so fun to cycle down the main road at night with the breezy air, and we spent ZERO EXPENSES for transport.
We borrowed the bikes from the guesthouse, and thank god there's more than enough for 5 of us! :D
Partied at Mixx Malacca, IT'S SOOOO HUGEEE.... I think it's the hugest club I've ever been to, bigger than Zouk.
with two rooms - arris and paradox. I seriously wish Mixx was in KL. the space is just awesome.
party party party dance dance dance drink drink drink... hmmm that's the way to enjoy life, haha! 
p/s of course I didn't wear flip flops to the club
p/s/s below are some more interesting photos


Apparently whatever happens in Malacca, doesn't just stays in Malacca, it ends up on my blog haha.
This was the level of fun that we got. The club closed at 2.30am but my friend here was vomiting all the way back till 5.30am.
He vomited on the dancefloor, twice too. (ewwwwww... thank god I was far away lol) it's fun to make fun of drunk people :P
He doesn't remember anything so let me just refresh his memory here, and of course to write it down to remember it forever... :P
Mixx > cycle > McDonald > he vomited + lay on the road + almost got banged by a car 
> walked + cycled a bit > vomited > reached home > we had to take off his clothes > KO-ed on bed.
It only took us 5-10mins to cycle to the club
but it took the guys almost 2 hours to cycle / walk back because of my friend vomiting nonstop,
of course me and another girlfriend got back first to shower and waited for the boys like good housewives.

OKAY back to some decent pictures of our little guesthouse- Voyage Guest House.
It's a centuries old shop house, built roughly in the 1800-an and can you imagine it still stands tall for people to live in?
Well most of the shop houses in Jonker Street are opened for selling stuffs, but a quater of them are refurnished for guest house businesses. 
It's vintage but really lovely and filled with warm, friendly people. 
I love staying in guest-houses like these because you can socialise with so many people from around the world.
And not only that it's lovely to feel the life of how people used to live last time. 
Narrow, steep stairs, vintage furniture, mosquito nettings, wooden floor upstairs, etc. it's just lovely!
Plus there's also activities that the guests can do together like swimming and enjoy live music at night.
It's interesting how the boss plans a few different activity for the guest to socialise everyday. lol
It's my second time staying here, and I can't wait to explore more of other guesthouses like these. 

here's a few pics of the guesthouse, I wish I took more tho: 

After that what else to do in Malacca? EAT EAT EAT! 
gosh, I really put on weight after this trip I feel so guilty, 
but the food here is irresistible. It's so unique in flavor you can hardly find these in KL.

• Day one we had chicken rice balls at this other not so crowded stall.
-forgot to take pictures here because we were too hungry, haha!
• we went to Jonker 88 for cendol and laksa, 
- I'm loving the Mango ice kacang here to bits, I always come back to Melacca for this!
• St Paul hill for sightseeing and bringing the angmo around to jalan-jalan
• Queuing up for satay celup (my favorite food in Malacca)
• Partied at Mixx and drank and dance till our lungs out. 


and it was already 6am when we went to bed,
we woke up at 11am the next day and wanted to Q-up for chicken rice balls but gave up cause we were too hungry.
We ended up in this pretty famous Baba-nyonya house which sells Nyonya cookings and it was amazing...
So lucky we got in cause after a few people behind us they closed the shop.
I can't remember what was the name of the stall and we didn't take any photos cause we were soo hungry lol...

this dusty baby pink wall caught my eye and I had to take a picture with it, 
I love it's yellow cracked underlayer of paint, and there's mint below? Such lovely colors I should have this wall at home!

Nothing but walking and shopping and eating some more for Day 2.
We got back to KL again and ate some more. and wow, time really flew by SO FAST.

I hope you enjoyed your holiday guys,
I had 5 days holiday straight because my awesome company also had replacement holidays from Friday to Tuesday.
And wow, tomorrow's Friday already, so fast! 
TGIF! I hope to visit you soon for your awesome food again Malacca! :D xoxo


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