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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Fahrenheit 600 cafe and restaurant Food Review!

me and the 2 lovely founders, Maryam & Hamid

I'm bringing you good news because I've found the healthiest chilling place with the most warmest people in Publika.
I guarantee you, no more pizza hut, dominos pizza, etc. This place has the most awesome and not to forget HEALTHY pizza.
because you know why? Not only the pizza, literally EVERYTHING on the menu is NOT FRIED.
HOLY F*CKING SHIT?! (excuse my vulgarity, but even if it's not fried, it taste insanely fresh and YUMMY!)
and it just leaves me craving for more....
GOD DAMMIT. blogging about this at night is not a good idea!
Oh, btw this awesome place I'm talking about is Fahrenheit 600 in Publika!


top & bag : topshop / chiffon outterwear : (can't remember) / bottoms : pull and bear

I recently got this top from Topshop because of the sales! I've been eyeing on this for ages but the original price was over-budget for me:(
I love embellishments on clothings, especiallly ones that have patterns like these because I think it's soo cute!
I matched it up with some gold accessories, and my bindi (that I've been wearing to almost everywhere except for work),
and my chiffon outterwear that flows with the wind like a field of flowers during summertime on a windy day. lol
I should go India, this outfit has India written all over it. At least that's what I interpret it to be, haha!

okay back to this awesome place! Here's some few shoots of how it looks like! 

warm and cozy.. OH LOOK BRICK WALLS! i just wanna lay on it roll my body all over it. lol
I am oneee with nature....

these antiques actually works! I'm so surprise with the founders' collections and unique sense in style.

There's so many cozy places to chill at in Publika, one of my favorite is definitely Fahrenheit 600!
just take a look at the photos and you'll definitely be charmed by the lighting... the color tone.. the mood... the texture....
it's all filled to perfection for a hangout place, and a spot to chillax and meet new people.
One of the founder Maryam (who I found out after talking to her) majored in Interior design,
and it's no wonder every corner of the shop is perfect, even the furnitures used are perfect.

I'm actually quite a picky person when it comes to my furnitures, as a designer,
even for my study desk has to be a certain shade of brown, and it has to be real wood for me
so that my "creative sense" can "flow through". I think I blogged about this issue before,
however moving on! we're not here to blog about furnitures today... lol
I just wanna say that even the furnitures they use here in Fahrenheit 600 is perfect, because I LIKE IT. haha.

So what to munch / drink there?
First I wanna talk about the pizzas, because.... they're freaking healthy and awesome here!

damnn... my greedy face.... lol, OH OH , did you notice my Fork and Spoon earrings? lol

fanning because it's still so hot from the oven! :)

check out what we're having...

when you think about it it would be pretty weird, to think that a fruit as a topping for pizzas,
but I dare you guys to try it, because, it's extremely refreshing to the mind that this combo actually works!!

the pizzas can be picked in 2 different choice on one as long as it has the same sauce (tomato / cream)
Both of them were soo good, especially the crust, and I felt instantly healthy because honestly,
I've never tasted such fresh ingredients on a pizza, except if you home cook it yourself.
Normally the pizzas sold in fast food chain / outside are all frozen and microwaved later.
But for Fahrenheit 600, it's all made from scratch on the spot!!! *mindblowing*
And to think that they make pizzas from the scratch would probably be served really slow right? but NO!
You see, because Fahrenheit 600, has this special oven which is up to fahrenheit 600, HENCE the name of the place!
it heats up the made-on-spot pizza so that it's baked to perfection and you don't need to wait too long for it :)
And it's also a one and only oven in KL because the founders brought it back from the US.

I feel like Einstein now

a pizza filled with great colors.. textures.. juicy richness that bursts in your mouth is MY TYPE of PIZZA.
I love how they play with the names of the food on their menu, like Henry the duck or Popeye the sailor.
I asked her, "why Henry?", and she replied me it was just from a childhood story of hers. :)
I love coffee houses like these where they pile up meaningful childhood pieces and bring the whole shop into life.
It's just magic, and I really hope more shops are more soulful like this :)
OKAY well Henry the Duck got me, I like it the most out of these four types of pizzas also because of it's little yet heart-warming story behind it.
Fahrenheit 600 Pizza is not bad too considering the fact that I NEVER liked eggplant, until that day when I tried this slice,
and I was like "WOW. who knew eggplant could be made this yummy!"
But if you prefer pizzas with cream sauce, go for Mushroomland and popeye the sailor!

Have you ever tried HAVE YOU EVER? hahahhha
I always had that quote in my head ever since I tried this mushroom goodness as an appetizer there.
I love how the egg yolk flows out in a pop and I'm telling you the portion is so big it can go as a main corse for me, haha

Next and lastly is my fav, THEIR COFFEE...

Every Wednesday 3-9pm you can have another bottomless cup of coffee for just rm10.90!
Such reasonable price, I love it, and I love how people are crazy over the trend of drinking coffee!
I'm really awestruck by their lovely coffee art, so fine, and it brings delight in a cup.
I try not to ruin it whenever I take a sip of coffee.. hhehe. I'll start with what me and my friends liked most! :D

salted caramel.... I had the privilege of trying it first!! *CRYING TEARS OF JOY AND HONOR*
it's on the menu now, so everyone please go try it!
this is my FAVVVV because i've NEVER tried salted caramel coffee before,
well I know they have salted caramel flavor on macarons but this was my first take of it on coffees and I'm totally hooked!
It's creamy, yet salty, yet caffeine-y, YIKES! *mindblowing* such...mixed... emotions... lol.....
my friends are teasing me that the barista drew my face on the coffee art, haha! I wished!

EEEKKK! so cute.. you mix and mix and stir! it feels like playing masak masak ! omg so fun!!!!lol
I love how it tastes too, it's not like those cheap chocolate-y taste that sadly you get from most of the shops,
this one has that rich creamy milky sensation that make me wanna curl up in bed and read on a rainy day.
I absolutely love how fun this is and even the name, Zebra!

the Latte is light as it should be, and I recommend to drink it during days where you feel like having coffee but not too much coffee,
haha, does that make sense?

the cafe mocha has a strong taste to it, I can't really comment much on mochas because I'm not an expert on it, 
but this one was not bad at all! with such reasonable and affordable price, 
it's not wonder people are opting for choices like these instead of the regular starbucks to hangout.

thumbs up to my team photographer - jimmy + videographer - john for helping to take some pictures that day :)
 photo credit : RIGHT CLICK PRODUCTION , edited by me.

 Finally thank you to the 2 lovely people who opened up this cafe + restaurant.
They travel around the world from US, california, north south east west to bring you the best and latest recipes.
All the coffee beans for every single cup of coffee is homegrown, and freshly roasted.
Even I have to mention this again, all the food that you order are made freshly from scratch upon your order.
There's NO microwave, and they don't FRY anything and they only use the finest olive oil,
which explains a lot why they're food is so fresh. Everything is so healthy there it makes me happy!lol

I see a really really bright future for Fahrenheit 600 because honestly, what's not to love about this place?!
(talking like a fortune teller)
I'm looking forward to go there again.
The next time I'll be trying their home-made pastry and cakes which are baked daily, and also their organis teas. :)

I'm loving this post hell lots,
I hope you guys give them a visit and give them a like on their facebook page here!
They're only 6 months old so lets show them all the local support we can get shall we? ;D

A4-u2-05, Solaris Dutamas, Jalan Dutamas, KL
business time :
03 62063417


IFA Athirah said...

i super love aaaaaaall your outfits. u pull it off very well.!!! thumbsssss UP UP :D

Ice Pandora said...

Omg a healthy pizza place? I need
this place in my country! The
interior looks great, I mean check
those paperprinted chairs c; Of
course you look lovely as usual!

Jeline Catt said...

Seems like a really cool place with really good food! Love your outfit as well. The top is so pretty! x

Cookie TSL ♥ said...

I enjoy reading this post of yours.
Great effort on choosing a nice font!