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Monday, November 11, 2013

Trishna Food Review!

the marvelously funny boss and I

I was invited recently with the VibeHero team for a Food Review at the famous restaurant Trishna in Hotel Istana!
Never in my life have I tried Northern Indian cuisine till that day and it absolutely blew my mind off, 
I really can't wait to take my mom here because she loves spices and indian food just as much as I do.
But first, do take a look at the enchanting place!

"  S t e p  i n t o  a  w o r l d  o f  M a g i c  "
that was my first thoughts when I first entered the restaurant which is located at Hotel Istana. (B1)
I parked my car at the Istana (sounds more atas), haha and made my way to this really cool place.
With the lightings, furniture and set up, I felt like I was in an arabian world 
(altho I know we're talking about Northen India cuisine here)

Next! Let me introduce to you some serious Northern Indian food.
People People, I must clarify the only REAL indian food I've eaten was from my Indian neighbor when I was six.
And also the ones from Indian mamak stalls.

Paneer Tikka = (milk curd cheese) (food)
This appetizer was MINDBLOWING!! I kid you not.
I couldn't decide if it was chicken...or.... something else that tasted like chicken.
It felt very compacted and thick I really enjoyed the texture, it felt like smashed tight meat balls btw.
Paneer Tikka is an Indian vegetarian dish made from chunks of paneer marinated in spices and grilled in a tandoor.
This appetizer was definitely a taste-bud opener because of it's aromatic smell and yummy flavors.

I'll be teaching you guys some Indian terms, so BARE IN MIND:

"Tikka" = (food) a type of South Asian food
"Paneer" = a type of milk curd cheese used in Indian, Iranian, and Afghan cooking.
"Chutney" = a wet / dry sauce from indian cuisine that has a mixture of spice, vegetable or fruits.

I couldn't believe myself when I acknowledge what I have eaten was some kind of "TAUFU",
well it's not actually beancurd. They're actually chunks of milk curd cheese marinated in spices and then arranged on a stick
with capsicums, onions, and tomatoes. These sticks are grilled in a tanoor and the dish is served hot, 
seasoned with lemon juice and chaat masala. It's sometimes accompanied by salad or mint chutney

See. I absolutely love this Paneer dish I did research on it.
I LOVE IT SO MUCH OMGGGG... did you know...
lots of fast food chain restaurants in some countries have McDonald Paneer, Subway Paneer and lots more ?!

Ajwain Fish

"Ajwain" = also known as "Trachyspermum ammi" a plant of India whose seeds are used as a spice.

Another dish that I thought was chicken LOL. this Fish was tender and it smelled great.
definitely way better than those frozen fillets that I usually have from the supermarket T__T


when you talk about salad you think of cherry tomatoes, lettuce, rocket leaves and maybe a dash of dressing.
but WOW, Northen indian salad goes another level, it's so simple unlike the complicated western salad that we're used to 
and more of the time wondering what dressing to put with.

Dal Makhani

unlike any other Dal you can find in the typical mamak stores.
I just wanna grab this whole pot back and dip it with my Roti Canai...

Saag Paneer = (spinach)(milk curd cheese)

"Saag" = made from spinach, mustard leaf, finely chopped broccoli alond with spices
Remember the awesome milk curd cheese I was talking about?
Now here in another awesome level (dipped and cooked with what seems to be green curry but not!)
At first we all thought that, "ahhh, that should be green curry.." but no! it's Saag...
It tasted really great tho, I would order this again.


But nothing beats the naan they have. I never tasted any naan this chewy and fine in texture before.
The normal naan from the mamak that I would normally have was either too thick or too thin. 
This one has that airy feel that I think every naan should have,
I can't stop myself from taking one after another for this, 
dipped with their mutton sauce or their saag and dal and it would taste heaven! 
I ate about 4 to 5 pieces.. I know it's insane... but that's the level of insane yumminess this naan packed.

and here's the 
Bagan Aloo and the Mutton Rogan Josh

"Bagan Aloo" = potato eggplant
this was the only dish that we guessed correct.
Altho we did had some doubts whether or not was it chicken, haha.
I love how the way they cooked the potatoes I'm thinking it's curry that they put inside.
It's like our typical curry chicken just that this one's with potatoes. 

As for the Mutton Rogan Josh,
I'm wondering why this mutton is called Rogan Josh,
Maybe Rogan Josh was some famous king or something who discovered that mutton can be cooked this way.
Haha, if anyone knows the reason why please enlighten me :P
The sauce was lovely, and as the boss said, Indian cuisine should be eaten when it's hot.

if some of you guys are not accustomed to spicy food, Trishna's a good place for you, 
because according to the boss, you can request for more spicy "BOOM" up to your preference. 
I love and grew up with ultra-spicy food so my tastebuds are trained and sore-d till they're numb, 
Trishna's food personally wasn't spicy at all for me, it was just nice and it reminds me of the Garlic flavor from Nandos.
Mild and appetizingly yummy.
When I get my ass back here I'm definitely request the boos to add in more "BOOM KICK OF SPICE". 

On my plate. (ROUND ONE) trust me there's so many other rounds I took after this.

Gulab Jamun 
also known as the Lal-Mohan.
Try out some really cool and sweet Indian cuisine dessert!
hehehehhehehehehehheeeheehehe. we were giggling at the sight of this.
Gulab Jamun is a cheese-based dessert, similar to a dumpling, they're kneaded into a dough, 
sometimes with a pinch of flour, and then shaped into small balls and deep fried at a low temperate,
sometimes served with yogurt, but for Trishna's it's served in a light sugar syrup.
It's often served at Indian weddings and birthday parties.
Two pieces were a just nice portion for me, cause I was already stuffed from all the food from main course.
Not to mention I've already had 4-5 pieces of naan in my tummy.

Ending the post with some of the beautiful people I met from the event.
There were guys too of course but this was suppose to be an "all ladies" photo :P HEHHEHE.
hope to see you guys real soon! 

Check out some of the other reviews for Trishna's restaurant HERE !

Thanks again VibeHero and Trishna
my tummy is satisfied now and I dream about the Paneer when I'm asleep at night and smile. hehe.

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