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Monday, October 28, 2013

Marquee Lounge Kuala Lumpur food review!

Firstly I wanna give a big thanks "shoutout" to the amazing people of VibeHero for the invitation.

What is VibeHero?

Driven by passion and love for all things fun and adventurous,
 VibeHero brings you the coolest  restaurants, bars, nightlife attractions and spas mostly in the city.
It's so exciting to check out websites like these because frankly there's so many places to discover in this great city.
Being just 6 months old(?!), I think VibeHero has done an amazing job being one of the top review portal locally.
They have such warm and lovely people in their team and I'm looking forward to what places they'll show us! :)
show your support and give them a like on their FB here !


Anyways back to Marquee Lounge KL!

Food review in a club?! 
Haha, well Marquee Lounge Kuala Lumpur provides more than just lights, music and a great location.
From afternoon to the evening, Marquee provides a feast for the senses and the tastebuds,
serving western and local delights with a twist! Talk about asian fusion.
After 10pm on Wednesday, Friday and Saturdays the lights go down and the music goes up!
It's so easy to get to Marquee because it's nestled in the heart of KL (bukit bintang), 
p/s it's right in front of Starbucks LowYat, I parked in Lowyat and it only took me 3 mins to walk there.

Okay I hope you guys already had your breakfast / lunch / dinner
cause I'm about to post some really yummy food pictures here so excuse me if you get hungry, lol
or else you can start heading your way to Marquee right now! ;D

on the menu today we have:


the Avomela salad was refreshing with apples(!) and avocados and walnuts covered in tangerine dressing.
BBQ chicken potato skins were my favorite from the starters because gosh you should try this one definitely.
I'm thinking of attempting to make one myself when I get back home later ;D 


I'm loving the Nasi Lemak for this one, because what would life be without nasi lemak? Nuff said.
For the Sarawak Laksa, well this is the FIRST TIME I tried Sarawak laksa,
and I met 2 cute Sarawakian bloggers there and they approved of this milky laksa that's thick and creamy.
The Hainanese chicken chop was not bad, the chicken was tender and the gravy was great!
but I personally am not an expert for chicken chop so I can't comment much on that, haha


The Tommy Gun Burger was interesting because they served it on a piece of french toast
(topped with an all beef patty and covered in creamy mushrooms and brown gravy).
This is for those who prefer eating their burgers with a fork and knife.
The Mystery Box Burger is their special house burger with their secret patty-recipy,
haha sounds interesting right? It's frankly super juicy and tasty!
I'm not a fan of burgers but I really liked this one :D


PIZZAAASSSSSSS !!! OH yummy pizzaasss!
you can see that I'm a buyer for pizzas so these babies were the highlight of my night!
Pizza Diwola : beef salami, chillies, cheese, oregano & tomatoes
Pizza Marinara : prawns, squid, mussels with cheese, oregano & tomatoes

and of course the milanese was great!
the fettucini was as chewy as panmee which made me happy because I like panmee,
and i'm assuming fettucini's the name of the type of noodle because I don't know my italian much haha.

And did I mentioned the owner was more than generous to served us THAT MUCH FOOD?!
I swear I put on weight after that meal, great place, great food, and the coolest people !

the awesome gang: Heroes from VibeHero + beautiful bloggers
my pizza and Jamie ( awesome friend / walking GPS for KL / colleague )

I'm adding another 'Amanda' in the list of my Amanda friends, haha!
some of the founders and team of VibeHero. They were all so friendly and thank you so much again for inviting me to join in the fun!

I didn't get to take much pictures of the surroundings because I was too busy munching on their awesome food 
and socializing with some of the coolest people. I just love events like these because you get to interact with awesome folks.
I even got a different way of pronouncing my name in French now, so amazing, hahahaha. anything in French sounds nice.
What a good experience we had in Marquee, I'm definitely going there again whenever I visit lowyat! :D 
check out other reviews on this beautiful place HERE :D

GL-10, BB Park (opposite Plaza Low Yat), 
7 Jalan 1/77, Jalan Bukit Bintang, 
55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

012 661 5245


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Cool post! xx

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Nice post!

Ice Pandora said...

That's so nice to get invited for
this restaurant! The food looks
absolutely amazing! Those pizza,
yummmm! You look lovely btw c: