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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

i DO tshirt swag

top: idotshirt / skirt: Topshop / socks: H&M / heels: onlineshop

Holiday's over. It's back to reality people! haha (what a nice way to start my post).
okay, I'm sorry, maybe that wasn't the best intro, maybe it should've gone a little something like; 

How was your holiday? I sure hope you enjoyed yours! 
Mine was great, eventhough I didn't go traveling or do something totally mind-blowing like everybody else, 
but I was satisfied with mine. taking a break giving myself the space I need, ah, nothing beats that. 
besides that, I explored a whole lot of other new things, especially food , but we'll blog about that later. :) 

There's this awesome local brand that I wanna introduce to you guys. it's called

check out all their amazing prints here !

what a cute packaging! flowers not included of course *

I'm personally am a fan of prints, not all prints, just good prints, 
I like them a little subtle sometimes too, like how idotshirt does theirs in a cute heartshape. 
I think it's such a fun thing not only girls can wear, 
there's some prints that's totally swag and I think guys would look great in them too.
Like rocketter and durian , how cool is that?! 

I love how they bring out the essence of our country, to be honest, despite political issues, 
Malaysia is such a beautiful country to be in. No sandy hurricane, tsunami like acheh, earthquake like japan,
I'm actually pretty greatful to live in Malaysia, with such a big land, such a big space. 
I sure know that I'm not the most patriotic person, cause I don't go on rallies, 
or go for lynas or any other black out issue gathering,
but I've learnt that it's really important to support local brands, 
good ones who really earns our support of course.

Whenever someone say: "this is made from Malaysia"
I often hear they would give back a negative respond eventho they're the locals, 
or will think that the quality is no good, but honestly people, Made from Malaysia, is not that bad.
it is just our lack of patriotism spirit that lead us to think that product made from Malaysia sucks, 
and it's quite a sad thing to hear whenever I hear people say that. 
The problem is people, we spend too much time dissing on something 
rather than fixing it together as a whole.
To be completely honest, I was like that, and I hated it. 
until one day I was eyeing on an item from this local xxx shop that I like, 
of course I can't tell you what it's called, how could I? but it sounds a lot like bagel & guitar.
So i was telling my friend how much I wanted that item and it was quite costly so I was like,
"ini made in Malaysia, but the price tag like made in UK" 
but he told me how I need to support the locals, and if I could just take that silly made in malaysia notion away, 
and just add in a little extra money to support them, because without our help they won't go far :(
And it's a very sad feeling to feel when no one supports you and your dreams to dream big, 
like when i was...

OKKAYYYY. i think i'm getting off topic again :P 

I hardly wear Tshirts nowadays, 
that's why when I wear them I like to roll it up like that into a crop top (when I feel not so flabby of course),
other days when I feel fatter I'll just wear them down normally and just be comfy :)
I was on my way to pav when I wore this outfit the other day. 

and check out these cool swaging stickers that they have! I love the hand one the most, haha! 

Thanks again peeps! Loving the top! 



Stephanie Huang said...

i love your photos and this outfit is so adorable xo!

High-Stitched Voice

Caitie Schlisserman said...

this outfit is so cut... love anything that resembles a school uniform :)

Lady à la Mode

kristina elaine said...

Such a cute outfit! You own the look.

N@NY said...

I love what you put on , enjoyed flipping through your blog ,

( Love Me Some Neutrals ) new outfit post on my blog .


Michelle Zada said...

always so amazing!


libys11 said...

loving your style, girl!!! love the school girl vibe to this outfit!! glad to stumble upon your blog! :D

Animated Confessions

ftashion said...

Amazing outfit babe! So fun and full of style!

Fang Ting

stevia indrawan said...

you are definitely rocking that swag t-shirt like a pro :)
same case here in Indonesia!
everything made in indonesia sounds taboo but I am proud to say that I have worked with some Indonesian brands and I have never been dissapointed :)
they do costs more to give better quality but I think it's worth the penny

The Sweetest Escape 
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Wildflower Of Prague said...

Great photos! I love the knee high socks, I always wear them with boots! xx

Silkybow said...

Love this look and you're super cute! :3


Anonymous said...

Super cute outfit! Love the knee-high socks :)

Stop by sometime, xo Natalie

Dayana Emily said...

I'm pretty sure preppy is going to be all over fall fashion. You pull it off well!

-Two Kids

Fowzee said...

I love this outfit, love how u made the crop top,


Anonymous said...

You are sooooo cute! I love your knee-high socks and heels!

Xo, Hannah

Delilah said...

you look so cute like a manga character!

I'm Delilah. Just stop by and I think you've got a really nice blog!

My blog is

I'm focus on fashion illustrating, so if you interested please take a look and maybe follow me if you like it. Thank you.


Kri said...

You're rocking this outfit like no other <3

Rhea Bue | Styles and Writes said...

OMG! You're sexxxyyy :D I love how you styled this plain shirt into something fabulous! :)