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Sunday, August 18, 2013


tweed jacket: COTTON ON / top: MANGO / skirt: ZARA / seashell bag + watch : vintage from grandma 
photo credit: ZaneGan Photography / edited by me

Here's a mini shoot I did a few weeks ago with the talented ZaneGan Photography. omg his lens...
too bad the sky was pretty gloomy that day but thank god he managed to save it with his flash, so talented!
we wanted a sunny cheerful mood at first, but last minute changes I had to pretend my lover just died to suit the weather.
Anyways thanks again, Zane:) 

Okay Okay, another exciting news that I wanna share with you guys is how cheap I bought this jacket for!
Just Rm15 !!! from it's original price of Rm159. Gosh!! I was screaming when I saw the price difference.
practically a steal! and it reminds me of Chanel, okay which tweed jacket doesn't right?!

Oh Oh, and I just got myself a account. It amazing what questions I get because it's totally private! 
Like you won't know who's asking you what question, so thrilling, so mysterious. haha!
You can ask me anything there, and I just might answer them ;) 

hope you enjoyed my very vain photos. 
there's definitely more to come. 

Currently on repeat : So beautiful 
( I swear the song tittle has nothing to do with my vain photos, I SWEAR!)

It's Monday tomorrow, and for once, I feel super excited to work for this Monday. (what a great employee)
working on some very exciting stuff, well, at least for me it is! ;)
Can't wait! xx


Y said...


xoxo Y

Vanessa Ciliberto said...

great look dear!


Orange You Classy said...

love the photos!!

TipsyBlonde said...

your pics are awesome. i wish i could edit like that!!

Anonymous said...

bitch i think you mean tweed jacket.

Ramida Dusdeevutikul said...

awesome look!