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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Yeast and Antipodean Food Review in Bangsar

Okay this may be my one step closer to being a Food Junkie Blogger.
I can see it now... SUNDAESINS, Fashion + Food Blogger. amazing. that's so me.
And if I were to really be a food blogger, I'm guessing it's gonna be an expensive hobby.
Fashion and food, two of the things I appreciate dearly in life. If I was a food blogger, I'm gonna be true and upfront. 
If the food is amazing / mind blowing of course naturally I'll be promoting their stuff like crazy, 
but if the food sucks I won't cover the flaws up, cause I realise that's what a lot of food bloggers do.
Because they're paid / invited to have a free meal at a particular restaurant hence they have to say nice things about them.
Which I hate the most, because it tricks the readers into spending money to dine in a place where it's not as good as it's written.
But before I talk about Yeast and Antipodean, I wanna talk fashion! :) 

top, bag: topshop / skirt: H&m / belt: Boss / shoes: Dr.Martens

I recently (okay just a few days ago) purchased this skirt from H&M. 
OMG I'm so happy! especially when the wind blows it I feel this skirt has so much attitude! 
I know that they have it in Forever 21 but when I check it's all sold out :( I couldn't find any of my size.
until I went into H&M and found that they have so many other various options of slit maxis to choose from.
from different colors, to different cuttings, I had my eye on this one, but actually I always wanted a single slit black maxi, 
but instead I gave this double side slit a try :) 
And I realised my wardrobe nowadays is always starting with a white top, I have gazillions of white tops it's insane :( 
I'm such a boring lady. 

Okay we can talk about FOOD now, first off, YEAST @ Bangsar! 
Yeast Bistro @ Telawi,
24G, Jalan Telawi 2, Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-2282-0118
opens from 8am-6pm. 
Dinner menu will be on from Mid-December :)

interior photos from their facebook page

Another bakery in Bangsar you say? how do they survive when there's already tedboy and tous les jours there...
Well, it's so different, so so different... this is a French cuisine restaurant + bakery. Bangsar definitely needed YEAST
this is perhaps the only truly French boulangerie in town, with such authentic decor and tiles, and french bistro music playing in the background.
definitely worth visiting for those who feel like having an european touch.

Now I'm a bread lover, a fan of bread, but not like those massimo, high 5, or gardenia type larh,
I'm a fan of european / french bread, the ones that have texture and a good strong fragrance to it.
A good bread is one with quality and the smell plays such an important role, 
and when you bite on it, the texture and level of softness /  hardness is so important to distinguish the quality. 
Oh hey, if you're like me, you'll definitely love Yeast, 
and p/s, here's a post to check if you're addicted to bread, it's freaking hilarious! no12 is so me.
and I admit it... I'm clearly addicted to bread. 

I ordered the smoke salmon with potato salad and mojito, oh they're both just so great.
Normally when you order salmon salad in most of the other places there would be more greens than the salmon,
but here in Yeast it's the other way round, which is totally fine by me, in fact it's good news because the salmon was so fresh!
I'm not sure if that white stuff is some cream or cheese but who cares.. They go so damn well with each other!
and I love their potatoes...
And I have this tendency to order mojito in every new place I go to, I'm like the mojito expert,
and honestly, I think this mojito is THE BOOM! it's so damn refreshing I can't describe it, or maybe the day was too hot ..

After that we shared this duck + cheese puff. 
We were both damn full from the lunch already but oh well it is a food hunt! 
And plus it's very tempting to try how does duck and cheese puffs taste together...
and boy, thank god we shared, cause it's so filling! the chesse.. gosh, it just expands in your tummy.
it was an interesting combo, and it's one of the top recommended food from their pastries. 

not only I love the extension of variety they have for bread, but also the cosy french environment :) 
The food, the service, the environment there is top notch, and the boss, Christoher even humbly serves you, 
ah i just love it. Definitely one of my top fav places to dine in Bangsar... reckon I'll be back for more.
And the price wasn't expensive at all, it was around 85+ for our dishes which is totally worth it considering the quality and quantity. 
tip of the day : The bread is sold 30% every 5pm - 7pm! :) happiness!!

then we went to Mivalley > pool > shop > Tong Pak Fu.

I couldn't eat anymore from the lunch cause I was insanely full 
but considering this hot weather, ice blended desert is a must.
Tong Pak Fu vs Snowflake.
well I think it's personally preference.
I've always been a loyal customer to snowflakes cause I love the taro balls, and their flavors.
Tong pak fu is for those who prefer finer thinner ices but for me I prefer Snowflakes' texture:) 

 After that, back to Antipodean @ Bangsar 
Antipodean Cafe @ Telawi,
20, Jalan Telawi 2, Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-2282-0411
opens from 8am-10pm. 

Antipodean, probably the on steaming place to go, a breakfast place which is highly recommended by many food blogs.
Even friends around me are posting instagram pictures #Antipodean... Well, I don't recommend it at all. 
Here's some of the reasons why : 

1) menu
The only and only menu is only written on the only one wall. 
can you imagine sitting all the way back and you have to go all the way near the door to order your food?

2) concept 
When I walked into the restaurant I felt that I was walking into a typical downtown China restaurant minus the round tables.
There wasn't any description or what-so-ever why did they call this place as it's named on the website,
so I'm taking what I searched from the dictionary... Antipodean: places / points opposite each other on the globe
well I hope that's what their brand identity is, a fusion of west and east perhaps? of asia and europe.
But I think they could do so so so much more better with such a cool name like that. 
starting with the ugly dim light, and the furnitures... 
it's like a more economical version of Plan B.

3) mainstream
mainstream is good, especially to your business. But I think the buzz is too overrated for Antipodean, 
it's everywhere! and it definitely brought up my expectations before I visited the place because of it's craze.
But it downfall too quickly when I ate the food :( 

4) space
because of it's mainstream-ness, and no reservation rules, the places is PACKED AS SARDIN.
Especially on weekends and holidays. considering that fact, 
I think the place is a bit too small and it gets stuffy when it's too packed:/

OH WELL, besides the downside, it's a good news that there's a all day breakfast menu.
I ordered the all day breakfast set for my dinner because, well, that's what they're famous for. 
But it was a disappointment :( so there's no good news.
I highly recommend those who seek a good breakfast in Bangsar to go to 3 little pigs and the big bad wolf
For me, their breakfast is the best so far and they're always so full everyday! 
but at least they have a better space and a great environment, and a cooler concept. 
Wayy larger portion and a better quality and the price is just around a few Rm more than Antipodean.
not to diss on Antipodean, but I don't think I'm ever going there again...

I know the coffee is one of the best there and maybe I might just go there for the coffee next time.
correct me if I'm wrong, but if you have a favorite dish in Antipodean, 
just comment down below and I shall give it a try the next time:) 
or maybe not.

But phew, after that I went to 
golf > the Curve > conjuring > Zouk > mcdonalds.

and got back home at 6am... man.. what a tiring day that was...
did a lot of driving (not really, just sitting in the car) lol. 
trying new things (food especially) is just too damn exciting! :D 
till then folks! I can't wait for my next stop in my food hunt list! 

which is happening tomorrow ;) xoxo!  


Niña Alvia said...

Loving the photos and the outfit xx <3

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Nice outfit! and amazing food pictures!

xx Mandy

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Andrea said...

Gorgeous outfit! I wish I could pull off something like that, so cool. Love the food reviews too, more places to try in SG!

Unknown said...

Looking so amazing and fierce!! Love love this ensemble between the tied up top and the sheer skirt. Perfection!!

Pins, Needles & Fashion said...

I love this look! The skirt is perfect paired with the tied top! you look great and the food looks delicious!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness I just love your blog! You've got so many cute outfit posts and these food pics are seriously making me drool!! Love your breezy black maxi!

Xo, Hannah

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such a lovely outfit! you have amazing blog, i love it so much !! ♥ and all of this food looks so good!

Carla Cee said...

you're totally a babe! <3

Carla Cee

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Great photos! I like how the maxi skirt has a slit in it! Looks really nice on you! xx