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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Coffee Societe Food Reivew !

top, bag : Topshop / maxi skirt : HM / shoes : Zara

A guy friend told me today that maybe I have that "expensive" look, that's why I don't have a boyfriend,
and that's why no guys wanted to date me, that made me really sad today, and maybe it's probably true...
Are guys really objected to girls that looks hard to "handle" or "maintain"?
I do feel that I somehow have this invisible shield that shields guys off, how sad :( 
If you're a guy reader of my blog, let me know about this :)

But hey, Juliana, you're an adult now! no time to be emo over little things...
maybe I'll blog about this next time, but today I wanna talk about food again! 

last week I stumbled upon this humble cozy little cafe in Publika with some friends.
Okay maybe that isn't entirely true, we went to another place but it was close so we decided to try out this place instead.
But, boy was it worth the visit. Just check out the dim lightings and those two cute adorable umbrellas that makes the place looks so comfy.

It's a place called Coffee Societe! I'm sure many of you coffee lovers heard of it! :) 
From the lovely wooden tables and interior, to the lightings, and the super friendly employee
(in light blue shirt who deserves a spot on employee of the month)
makes the place so damn cozy and nice to hang out in...

Have you ever experience having lunch or coffee with your friend and you have absolutely nothing to talk about on the table?
and then when you get in the car with them you start talking like crazy because your car is so much more comfy than the restaurant / coffee house?
Well, I experience that all the time. But Coffee Societe was so comfy everyone was relaxing there,
even the girls and I were taking our time catching up. Overall it's such an amazing place to relax with friends, oh I'm not even on food yet! 

pretty pretty coffee art! and plates! (special for me only) cause I'm pretty
there's rociatoo (idk what it's called but it starts with an R), flat white, and I ordered err some coffee.

okay, the next time I go for a food hunt / food review I'm bringing my notepad...
Oh Oh I know what this is called, it's the Awesome Breakfast! no, seriously.
this is my coffee and my special plate, specially made for me :')
poached eggs and avocado spread for my vegetarian friend:) 
close up of my yummy smoked salmon with scramble eggs and bread...
oh yum, I'm so making this for breakfast tomorrow!
my friend ordered another cup because the coffees were so damn yummy! This time's it's a turkey peacock! so cute!

Honestly, I can't wait to visit this place again,
from their lovely events like Ladies night (for coffees?!) and coffee in the dark (oohh sounds exciting!),
really takes drinking coffee to another creative level. I'm so proud to say drinking coffee is another upcoming trend just like going to the gym.
You can see coffee art in every coffee house and instagram and I'm so excited they have another venture coming up!
just follow their updates from Facebook and check them out!:)  Oh here's a fun fact;
drinking coffee fights depression, lower your risk of Parkinson's and it even helps you lose weight!!
Quick, omg what are you waiting for?!



JimmyGorgeous said...

great blog!! love your style and photos

Cylia said...

ohh im dying over the food :) looks so good!

Orange You Classy said...

very cute skirt!

AF said...

wow that food looks yummy. I love yout top, is super cute!

brunatreme said...

lovely blog you have! Great pics!

Whiskey in the Jar

Sabrina said...

I love your outfit!
You're such a pretty girl. :)

And the food looks delicious. <3 Mjamm.


Nora Armani said...

cute outfit! I love the coffee designs too! The food looks delicious! you have a nice blog. Let me know if you want to follow each other. Have a sweet day!

CaninesCouture said...

Hello, Jules... nice to meet you! I'm Jules too! ;) You're rockin' that cropped top and all that food looks DIVINE!

Jules of Canines & Couture

t said...

That food looks good!

CelyneGlam said...

great blog and great photos

Do you want follow each other?


Filani Olyvia said...

dying! the food looks delicious <3
you have a great blog :)

NRC♥ said...

lovely outfit and great food!