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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Awesome cool transparent boots!

this is just a glimpse of how my hometown looks like
It's a real nice and friendly neighborhood where everyone is always humble and helpful.
Here's a picture of my backyard and i, take a look at how low that fence is, you can never have this in the city.
It's safe and secure without guards here, unlike the city where there's tall and pointed fences where sharp security entwine them.
Here you can just easily talk to your next door neighbor and borrow stuff from them because the fences are so low.
The air is good cause I stay next to the mountains a hill, the neighbor in front of me has a freaking sheep in front of her garden,

ohh ooh wait, I MUST show you my new awesome kicks! 
top : massimo dutti / skirt : h&m / boots : Clothes for Chics

TRANSPARENT BOOTS!!!! They're so omg right right?! 
They are my one stop solution to all my awesome socks that I bought before but I can never show off properly.
Great! These transparent boots are just great. Now I can look funky during the pouring rain.
I got them from a little cute online boutique called Clothes For Chics, super cute name right? 
They have so many other pretty colors they even got ombre like this check it out!
but I decided to go with the plain one so I can easily match with my other clothes,
plus I'm such a crazy fan over anything transparent nowadays. :P

My super adorable boots received so many loves and people kept asking me where I got it from ever since I posted pics on instagram.
Oh thank you thank you CFC. really loving them and I love this super cute kimono which looks super comfy here

It was my dear grandpa's birthday the other day so that's why I drove all the way down myself! 
super proud, the journey took me almost 2 hours, and it's my first time driving alone for a long distanced journey.
Happy Birthday, Ah kong! I wish to celebrate even more birthdays with you in the future :) 

xx ! 


Bellamoreway said...

omg your hometown looks really beautiful! where is it? you look really great w/ those transparent boots! i dont think i can pull off that look that nice ><

Krystel said...

Wow I love your style amazing <3

Ice Pandora said...

I saw that H&M maxi as well
and now I regret for not
buying it :c you look nice!

Anonymous said...

Loving this whole look! You are beautiful!

Xo, Hannah