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Monday, June 3, 2013

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like I said I didn't want to blog too much last month (May) because I has some issues to deal with, 
well now it's already 3rd of June and I'm back on track brotha! well, sortta...
I didn't know today was the international "leave work early" day until I listened to Hitz fm, 
haha, however I guess Malaysia doesn't practice that. 

I'm starting work tomorrow, how weird, I'm starting work on a Tuesday.
I had to double check the date twice before I could go to sleep last night, 
and yea it's written June 4th, a Tuesday. I even double checked this morning. 
you know, just in case.
I'm so excited for the first day of work tomorrow! Nervous at the same time, 
there's a lot of 'What if's' on my mind right now, but i just hope everything's gonna be okay.

I figured that to sum up the month of May (which I missed out a lot on showing you guys,) 
there's nothing better to tell a story, in this case stories, through pictures of what I did in May. 
These were some of the things I captured through my phone, and some of the things that I like to show.
I've been so used to documenting my day through instagram, it's getting a bit of a habit.
look me up at instagram if you'd like to follow me, maybe i could follow you back too;)

I'm thankful that within a month I learned to cook a lot. 
ate a lot, traveled a lot, and bought a lot of stuffs too.
I chilled a lot too, taking some time off for my self,
listening to people who are more experience talk,
and truly opened up my mind a lil to things I never thought I'd accepted. 
I never wanna live my life knowing I'll regret if i had the chance to do something but I didn't take it in the first place.
That's just frustrating, so I'll be trying to push myself towards any possibilities out there with an open heart:)

under winter days, I found warmth from those who lend me a hand.
whether it's talking my heart out to a complete stranger,
or seeking warmth from a cup of tea, 
I received  a lot and tried giving back a lot too :) 
free hugs anyone ? 

I experienced many things in the month of May as well.
Two of the more memorable ones was going to court and the police station.
haha, a lot of people has been questioning me about it, whether i got into trouble /etc.
it cracks me up tho, cause I was having such a fun time "exploring" there. 
I'm a goody girl so I never been to both of these solemn places,
1st the court was just to accompany my mom finally getting an official divorce, 
and 2nd to the station was just to accompany my friend in his car accident issues.
I was pretty like a jakun, okay picture this, a half drunk girl, in a place where she never been,
I was taking pictures with the motocycles outside the station and posing with the police station sign.
hahah, and then posting it into instagram to get everyone worried.

I hope I never have to go there under the reason of my own problems tho. 
never ever! haha. 

oh gosh, 
I can't believe I'm starting work tomorrow,
wish me all the luck guys !! xoxo

*back to cooking my green curry chicken* 


Marie Zamboli said...

Lovely pictures honey honey :)
New post is up on my blog you should have a look :)

Bellamoreway said...

goodluck for your work! Hope everything is gonna be fine :) aww im really bad a cooking really, maybe i'll learn someday lol. anyway, followed you on instagram!


Sound as if you are better and stronger than ever...have a great june! Love you to check out my blog xx

Jannine Bandiola said...

I love how people get to capture even the simplest things

May I know what app did you use in these photos? :) I really like the daisy borders :D