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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Simple satisfactions in life.

sunnies : Malacca / floral bodycon dress : Raqul Reed / floral crown : Cute Granny Vintage / shoes : Aldo

It's been a long hiatus since I last danced my fingers freely on the keyboard and start typing my blog.
There were many ups and downs on the month of May, but the little things in life really do make my day sometimes.
I'm happy that I finally found the spirit of blogging back, after my grandmother's funeral I couldn't eat much for some time.
I hardly had the mood to take pictures or go out but I'm glad that I rekindled back myself a bit now, I don't know how but
time really does mend the broken heart. I didn't need to talk about my problematic issues with too many friends nor did I
need to buy myself expensive stuffs to make me forget the pain. All I needed was just some time to appreciate every little
 thing in life, because life is short. So short and we move in such a fast pace that we never really stopped to feel the grass.
 I'm not asking you to be environmentally friendly or what, I'm just saying that whenever I feel down, I tend to rely on the
 compilations of the simple satisfactions in life to lift my spirit up. It's been 32 days since you're gone ah ma, I miss you.

I took the pictures yesterday after coming back from grocery shopping. The mood was right, the sunlight was there, and all
 I had to do was just to grab my camera. Back to the topic of some of the little things that I appreciate. 
First I would like to give a big thank you to Raqul Reed for sponsoring me this super adorable floral bodycon dress,
I really appreciate the fact that it was sponsored some time ago but I just didn't find the right time to blog about it,
I appreciate that she was so patient with me haha and I'm sorry it took so long. I never had much floral stuffs,
but this one is a keeper! :) 

Second. Listening to my man on the radio / CD !
Justin Timberlake is the man that I’m talking about. When I was a teen I use to be so crazy over him, I think I was like
10 when I bought his 1st album? Now listening to JT’s new album has been my fixation whenever I enter my car,
speaking about my car, I actually have a car now! I’ve been so used to getting driven and I never felt that driving a car
 would be so tiring! Which leads to my third point…

Third.  Having my own car !!
I’m beyond thankful that the car was given from my uncle so I don’t need to buy a car on my own. I would always
 take the cab or just carpool with my friends if we wanna go out but now I understand the phrase ‘With great
powers comes great responsibilities.’ I’m working now so I don’t take any allowance form my parents anymore,
 everything from A-Z I have to pay by myself and frankly, money had never been this hard on me. From the petrol,
 carpark, parking rent, telephone bills, to food and leisure I have to spend everything on my own, and it scares me
 to no end. It’s hard not to compare yourself to the more fortunate friends out there in this materialistic world, but
 for now I don’t want many things, l’ll just appreciate the good things that come and take the bad things as a challenge.

Forth. The thought of being thought of !
I received a phone call regarding a job offer again yesterday and the day before that. Both of them were saying how
 a lecturer from my college highly recommended me and both of them were from different companies. I didn’t
 manage to ask which lecturer was that but I roughly got a clue who might they be. I have some of the best lecturers
 from the one academy who seriously inspired me and motivated me a lot. I have a lecturer what would opens up
 your mind whenever he talked, every sentence that he spoke were insightful and deep and it could twist your mind
 into flexible ways you never imagine. Lots of us fortunately moved out from the student-teacher relationship into a
 light friendship that I cherish most.  I like it especially when lecturers talk about the real working life and
 philosophy; it really gives you a tiny glance at how you should prepare yourself for difficulties in work and how
 the working life really looks like.

Fifth. Reading !
It’s not the right timing because I’m going to start working soon and I won’t be that free but I just bought 4 books to
 ease my soul. Whenever I’m waiting for someone or something, I need to read. Whenever I’m bored and had enough
 of the internet I need to read. Whenever I need inspiration, that’s right you guessed it, I need to read. I can never be the
 one who looks through their pictures on the phone all the time when they’re waiting in line or just plain bored, heck
even when my mom does grocery shopping, I read. LOL. I got so angry yesterday when I forgot to bring my book out
 and when I was waiting in the bank, haha, I might need to put an emergency book in my car from now onwards.

Sixth. Friends !

And lastly are friends. I’m grateful throughout the whole month of May when I had my difficulties and downs there
 were a handful of people who cheered me up and gave me advice and those who I could talk to. Doesn’t matter if we
 just met or we’ve known each other for ages, when you touched my heart I will definitely open up to you. I realized
 that having a handful of understanding and close friends are so much better than having a bucket full of superfluous
 space. It’s nice knowing who really talks and understands me and I truly appreciate that friendship a lot.


Fabrizia said...

Really awesome girl!!!
Come back soon to visit me on Cosa Mi Metto???

Vicki H said...

Really nice photos. Totally in love with the outfit, esp the shoes!


Bellamoreway said...

finally you're back! really miss your post D: such a lovely outfit esp the dress! love how you style your hair. congrats for having a new car! yayy :D

Michelle Ryu said...

These pictures are way cute! I like how you styled your hair, it has a very pinup look to it.


Ester Durães said...

I absolutely love your shoes and your headband, way too cute!!

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Jannine Bandiola said...

Love your posts so I followed you! :)

Hope you could check my blog out :D