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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Singapore Sling

I don't know why this tittle but yea, haha, it was probably inspired by the drink.
have you tried Singapore Sling before? Not being buyers but it's so much better than malaysia's one.
Last month, was it May?; I took a break and went to Singapore for a few days and it was priceless.
I don't know why am I only writing it now, or why I dragged this post so long, haha but whatevs.
I was welcomed by my cousin Maesya at the airport and she even wrote down a list ON PAPER 
of adventures that we could do together, so touching! :') I love you my little angel! 

We went to so many places and I tried many new things, 
but one of the highlights of my trip was going to 1-Altitude.
Even the website looks awesome! 
but 1st, let's talk OOTD:

top / skirt / clutch from TOPSHOP // shoes from vincci

this was a newly purchased pullover that I bought when I was shopping in Singapore.
FUCK their Topshop is sooo much more enormous than the one we have in Malaysia.
so many pieces that I wanted online and couldn't get in Malaysia can be found here. :( 
sadness to the max! 
But anyways thank god I was wearing a pullover (at a bar) 63 stories up in the sky.
It was so windy! and Oh, the slight windy effect that can be seen in my picture here 
is results of waiting patiently for the right time to click the shutter button. 
The rest of the time spent is a grueling repeated form of hair management.

The night before, we were contemplating on which bars we should hang out at.
We did research and reviews and even checked the weather to finalized our decision.
Because you see, although 1-Altitude is the World's tallest al-fresco rooftop bar, 
it doesn't have any coverage, meaning NO ROOF AT ALL! 
and well the weather has been up and down lately 
so there wasn't a guarantee whether or not it may rain.
So choosing the place was fully dependent on pure luck. 
p/s, we couldn't bring an umbrella cause it'll look so un-glam LOL

my beautiful cousin sister constantly checking her phone for internet access
and this is how is looks like when we just let the wind blow at our hair most of the time.

Before this we wanted to try out Ku de ta rooftop bar,
for those of you who don't know, Ku de ta is the famous, mainstream bar above marina bay sands.
why we didn't choose th at was because we need to book a hotel room in order to go to the swimming pool.
The swimming pool on the cliff is the whole point of being there, but without it it's just incomplete!
I wouldn't mind paying extra just to dip into the pool but to book a hotel room is jut ridiculous. 
Also the coverage fees were pathetic. I know you should pay for a view, but the price that they had was silly.
The coverage fees (including a free drink) from 1-Altitude was so much more reasonable in compare.
And lastly a total turn off was that 1-Altitude was so much higher than Kudeta! 
take a LOOK ! 

so the whole night we had Ku de ta right under our nose.
I just can't stand the thought if I choosed Kudeta over 1-Altitude, 
I would be in the bar down there staring at 1-Altitude right in my face! lol .
Guys, if you ever travel in Singapore and had to choose between Kudeta or 1-Altitude
just go for 1-Altitude. if it doesn't rain, haha. 

Yes, I'm romantic like that, and I wish you, yes YOU were here ;) (whoever's reading right now)
The only bars that I enjoy the most are the ones which are not too loud and where you can't talk,
and the ones with enough space and a great scenery. *sigh* I miss Singapore already! 
Just take a look at that great view! We came to see the sunset, and we got it :) 

some other random things :

Till then cuzzy, I miss you and your family and I'm very glad that you're growing up in such a wonderful environment,
it really puts me at ease because you're always like a little sister to me, 
and forever will be ;) hearts you xx ! 

So here comes an end to my Singapore trip, 
there's been many things happening lately I've lost track of what to really say.
One of them including that I just got into my very first car accident ( and hopefully the last) 
I was all alone by myself, as my mom was in another country, and I had to deal everything by myself.
It was totally frightening and it did cause me mental shocked for the whole day, plus it was a working day :/
Speaking about working, it's been the third week! WOOHOO! 
I'm still surviving, and I had my first OT which where I got back home at 3.30am in the morning! 
WOOHOOO, how exciting, haha, totally hysterical, I was so hyper and lmfao-ing in the office the whole night (or morning) .
The haze in Malaysia is getting really bad, I hope everyone's okay :)


Inggih Laras Ati said...

I am crazy for your shoes from vinccy !!!!
Nice day in Singapore and love your lips color, somcuh preety on you dear:)
wanna follow each other?let me know...


Klaudia said...

Amazing outfits :)

Busola Coutts said...

Aww so sweet! Beautiful city and you ladies look great. You obviously look live you had a blast. Nice.

canvasofculture said...

Singapore looks so fun! Especially gorgeous in those night views:)


kristina elaine said...

Gorgeous photos! I love the way you use font. Going to go follow you on bloglovin!


Wynne Prasetyo said...

pretty places you went to! love your style and your red lips <3


Borjana said...

Always inspiring,love!

Bellamoreway said...

1-altitude looks wayyy better than ku de ta! think i should go there. lol the heavy wind is really disturbing when taking shots indeed, but the shots turn out really great :D anyway, the haze was really bad too in singapore..

DaisyLine said...

Very nice outfits and great view :)
Have a nice day!

imfashionstoned said...

amazing outfit!!! girl you look stunning

Jannine Bandiola said...

Great photos! You have a really nice blog so I followed! It would make my day if you will follow back :D


charmeuse said...

Amazing photos ;)

Claudia G. said...

Love the post! And luuuuuuuv ur blog :)


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