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Monday, May 20, 2013

Long haul for birthday excuse

I've been putting my 21st birthday which passed two months ago as an excuse for buying stuffs.
I'm sure I'm not alone, I'm sure I'm not the only girl in this world who does that? lol

this was one of the first round.
cross skirt, sparkly gold shorts and top from : El Wardrobe 
I love my zara transparent clutch ttm! :)

second round! the Dr Martens were a gift:)
I couldn't decided between whether to get the grey or black jacket so i bought them both!

I'm not to the pathetic extend where I'll buy myself flowers, lol,
I love long branches roses and only long branches :) they were given.

My one and only wanting for so long- Pandora.
I'm so glad they have the charms that I picked from the internet. SO GLAD!
it's another nice 21st birthday gift:) sighhh, i like it with the gold knob :)

the 3 of them were bought recently because I was so pissed that day :x

I was pissed because I have the same pair from Zara in gold!
and it costed me so much to buy that which Vincci is selling theirs for more than half price!
insanely pissed.

see u guys next time :P
this was just meant to be a short update


lanciacoriandoli said...

love the cross skirt and the pandora bracelet!

Love&Studs on FACEBOOK

Bellamoreway said...

aaa love skirts,shoes,and bracelets make me drool :__; want them too!
anyway, join my OASAP GIVEAWAY and win gorgeous summer clothings!

moustachic said...

dammnnn nice shoes!

Anonymous said...

I really love love love all these pieces! I also have the black heels from Zara :-)
You have such a lovely blog! I have a blog too :-) If you want to have a look at it, it would be
really great :-)
Kisses from Italy

Milex said...

oh love!

DLX said...

Love the items in the first pic with the bright yellow background <3


Cécile mzl said...

very nice blog!