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Thursday, April 11, 2013

VUVUZELA checked!

photo credit : MEL JUSTICE

top : sequins cropped top from TOPSHOP
bottom : black bodycon dress from COTTON ON
shoes : lace up boots from FOREVER21
accessories : DIVA statement necklace

I'm a free bird. I can't believe I finally graduated from 3 years of studying in TOA.
I can't even bring words to describe how bittersweet the feeling is every time when I think of it.
and reflecting back how much I've learnt for these past 3 years. I really can see the difference in thinking,  
and I can also see the tangible growth in me when it comes to design and advertising.
This is it. This is finally it. I'm not on a sem break now, but a long long (fresh grad) holiday.
Aliened to the industry and the 'real world', I know it's normal to feel uneasy and afraid.
I know I'll get through this uncomfortable feeling really soon but at the moment,
I can't wait to fill my holidays with interviews, DIYs, and reading especially.
I know my 'holiday' will be super tiring and busy because I'm moving house now,
I never knew I had sooo many things. It's crazy! piles and piles of ginormous boxes ! 
anyways I can't wait to share to you guys my portfolio, 
and I can't wait to share to you guys my work!

Went to sunway lagoon today to have some fun and sit in the waves since i can't swim,
I tried the VUVUZELA, omg have you guys heard the ad on the radio? it's super annoying! 
anyways I had to climb 3 flights of stairs not stories but flights of stairs! omg...
it took me awhile to digest the fact that I could conquer my fear of heights,
the fact that it's one of the largest vortex water ride on the planet really awaken the chicken in me...
and also the thought that I didn't know how to swim and could drown to death made me uneasy.
Gosh it looked sooo scary.... so unsafe! But oh gosh, after the ride, i figure out it wasn't so scary after all.
I guess same goes to finding job opportunities and going for interviews or facing your future boss.
Once you get the hang of it, you'll probably figure out that it's not so scary after all.
And it'll probably be a more pleasant ride if you weren't so scared in the first place.
Same like riding big scary water rides, once you've experience it, 
the second time would be easy peasy for you.

It's funny what you can learn by experiencing big water rides.

okay that's all for now, 
I'm off to eat my cereal for dinner!


Citrus - Refreshing Fashion said...

LOVE the scallop detailing gorgeous!

XO Meghan

stevia indrawan said...

ooh your top is adorable :)
love the sequins and the scallops!

such a wise words, lady
I do believe you should always always try new things
and I'm sure you will have a great future in front of you
congratz for graduating!

The Sweetest Escape 

LisaSails said...

So adorable, love it all !


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Krystel said...

Pretty outfit love the scallop tee D: so pretty x