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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Easter Fool me not.

photo credit : MEL JUSTICE

top : my graduation exhibition Tee from Creative Invasion
bottom : blue cross velvet skirt from El wardrobe
shoes : boots from Doc Martens
accessories : diamond with studs necklace from Diva
bag : transperant clutch from Zara

obviously Easter was last week and I took the photos on Easter day haha.
my hair was vavavum and I love everything that I was wearing here! 
so I'm glad that April welcomed me well.

this is my most favorite ensemble so far for this year! so far
maybe it's because I designed the tee for my graduation exhibition that's why I like it,haha!
the theme was a UFO alien invasion, and the tees are all out of stock now no orders accepted already :P 
I'm pretty surprise that this is the design that everyone picked and would buy. 
I designed like more than 10 of them but this one only took like 3 minutes to gao dim. insane!
And this Zara clutch... that I've been crazing since forever! And this necklace that was RM90 for it's original price,
I only got it for rm21 during their sales!! Wicked! 

And this velvet skirt...omfg I had to fight for it with other girls because it only cost like rm30+?! 
El wardrobe will have a specific time when they update, 
and I think I had to refresh the page a thousand times, just to look at their latest pics/
And for just one minute there'll be more than 6 comments on the picture. amazing! 
They're items are totally pretty and so damn affordable, almost as low as bangkok's price!
There was about 20 people commenting on this skirt, however their items are all ready stock and very limited.
I think one item have only 2/3 pieces, so girls you gotta be up to date with their updates! ;D 
follow them here! and FYI this is not a sponsored post P: 
I discovered this online boutique which is totally awesome and wanted to share with you my experience.
which I'm sure you local malaysian who love shopping online, you must have heard of them ;)
I bought a total of 3 items from them and their quality are all good! so no worries about that. 
thank you El wardrobe

heheheheh, my name cards! they're all hand painted by yours truly.
I wish I could give all you loyal readers because you guys are awesome....!!
The reason why they're all hand painted is because printing them in pantone (neon) colors would cost a boom.
And that was my art direction for my portfolio ( b/w and neon) :) which is so me LOL 
and at the same time I wanted to make something personal for everyone who has my name card.
I wanted each and every design to be different so yea, I painted almost 300 piece of them :P 
I'm enjoying the process of it because I love DIYs, and I love having a smile on their face when they receive my name card.

Anyways back to my tittle (topic). April's here! :D 
How was your start of the month (April fools and Easter)
April will be a month of opening door and opportunities and also a new life for me.
I'll be moving my house because as some of you guys know I just graduated last few days ago.
haha! that was fast! 3 years of studying Advertising and graphic design in TOA just passed so fast! 
I can't believe I'm not a student there anymore I can't believe I won't be facing the same things everyday anymore! 
Moving out is such a bitter sweet feeling because I feel that my life and home is here! (in sunway) 
although I know I'm just moving to Damansara, it's not so far from sunway but I don't think I'll ever come back,
unless I really need to go Pyramid, haha.
sighhh. bitter sweet bitter sweet. I'm going to miss everyone here especially my lecturers 
who I made friends with and who guided me to be a better designer and a better person. :(
Oh and the library.... 
where I spend my extra time there doing research and just enjoying the pouring reference that the college gives :(
*criesssss* I miss you library... I know I sound so much like a geek now. 
okay I'm gonna go spend some time there tomorrow...

NOOOOOOOO.. tomorrow's a sunday...


Marta said...

Very, very nice photos! Love the skirt!

Lauren said...

Doc Martens always look so edgy and fun with a dress! You look gorgeous!

Lauren at adorn la femme

Jenny said...

New Follower :) I adore your blog love all your outfit posts such an amazing style love it your so pretty! x

Carolyn Tay said...

I am so lucky because I have the name card XD

Jane said...

You look so cute!! Great pictures, I love your outfit so much <3

Ruth Lalliankimi said...

You are adorable :) Love the skirt and rings.

Ruth x

MbF said...

Look at the bunny ears. Tha's so cute. Love the look. Thanks for posting the photos and feel free to drop by me too soon.


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Yoong Sin said...

Soooo fast you're graduated!!
it was really a good time at the one, tough but sweet..
hope you enjoy being a freshman designer!!bless you :D

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