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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

There can never be TOO MANY studs

I call this the Chuckie smile. cause she's always in this pose! omg haha! 
I wonder what pose do I do all the time. hmmmmm

photo credit : MEL JUSTICE

top : black sweater with studs from CAJOYNESS
bottom : black furry shorts from random boutique
polka dots stockings from MASSIMO DUTTI
shoes : litas with studs from FASHIONSANITY

I actually really love the color mood here! 
I found this new (opened) back alley near my house and I guess I'll probably be taking more ootds' here:P

Just wanna give a big thanks to Cajoyness who sponsored me this top! 
Every time I would see updates from their facebook page on my news feeds 
and I have to stand the urge not to splurge too much again from their store.
Their pieces are all too cute it's absolutely tempting ! 
it was months ago (i think) when they sponsored me this top but I just couldn't find the right time to wear it.
the Malaysian weather was either very scotching hot or it would be humid till you feel sticky all over.
But recently the weather was always rainny so why not ! :)
And i love that the material is not too warm like you can only wear it in winter countries, 
and it actually looks very cute when the sleeves are pulled down,
you know like those big bf tees that korean/taiwanese girls would wear. haha! 

and I really love the 'texture' that I matched fro this outfit. 
from the furry shorts, to the dainty polka dots, the blunt and pointy studs and the teared stockings...
I feel that everything just looks balance in place, or am I just 'perasan' much. ahhahaha. could be. 
one thing about the word 'texture' is such a designer term. 
I find myself using the word 'texture' every now and then in my everyday life, 
I guess once you're a graphic designer your sense of vision really does changes a lot. 

okay I don't really like the furry pants now, 
it was an impulsive buy cause it was super super cheap! only like 20 ringgit! 
I got it off the sheelves instantly because I always wanted a furry pants! 
but somehow this cutting is just now suitable for my wide hips.
I'm hoping now that I can pull off a DIY from this pants soon :P 

that's all for my late night update folks.
i can't wait to get done with all my work and get back to sleep! 
my playlist is currently on spring break mood 

currently listening to: I Love it - Icona again


Ester Ramos said...

Aww lovely outfit! Your blog is the cutest! I'm now following for sure!


Marlen said...

ooo i really do like the background too, it's perfect. and this is one edgy outfit- i like how fashion forward it looks. i live in sweaters so i'd be so frustrated with malaysian weather haha. good thing it cooled down a bit for you to play in this one!

xo Marlen
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Anny Barros said...

wow amazing outfit!

Yvonne said...

what a cool and edgy outfit! i LOVE the background in this shoot!


issa chou said...

love this.


spreadfashion said...

Cute outfit!!!!

Check me out here spreadfashionblog

Fashiable said...

Stunning outfit with all the studs, looks great on you

Little Tree Vintage said...

you look gorgeous, love the edgy outfit

Coline Chavaroche said...

Lovely pictures :)
You are cute and your blog is great!
Like it


Coline ♡

his little lady said...

You are too adorable girl! Loving this entire outfit!! And it's true, you can never have enough studs ;)
xo TJ

& Pretty Things said...

cool sweater and rings!

& Pretty Things

Beckerman Girls said...

You looook soooo phenom's!!!! Like seriously studalicious!!!! Your blog is awesome!!
Big Hugs
Beckerman sistas