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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Mustard Mustache and a small DIY

photo credit : MEL JUSTICE

top : mustard mustache top from UGLY DUCKLING
bottom : black skater skirt from COTTON ON
lace socks from COTTON ON
shoes : lace up creepers from FASHIONSANITY

ahhahaa, I was having my marilyn monroe moment up there. ..
Blogging, dressing up, and doing DIYs are my usual 'breather' or 'julie' time from this hustle and bustle of college life. 
I was so busy I didn't even had time to celebrate my 21st birthday! 
But as much as I want to blog or feel the urge and need to, I had to put this 'breather' space beside because 
I was so busy with getting my final semester from my college done, and as much as I miss this,
the tiredness was overwhelming in a way physically and mentally I had to have other solutions to solve this 'breather' problem.

But all problems behind, I feel energized and refreshed now! 
mainly because I dyed and chopped the weigh off my hair! 
I was so amazed that the hair stylist chopped off a carpet of hair, yes, a CARPET OF HAIR from my head.
I myself didn't know I had that much extra unwanted hair on my head, no wonder it was always so heavy.
I blame it on my thick thick hair that i had previously.
from the start of the year till recently I was so so busy I barely hard time to breath (blog), 
I even let my hair grew and told myself it's okay if your black roots are almost covering half of your head.
My hair was ugly from Chinese new year till last few days, Gosh! Appearance really messes with how you feel. lol.

I feel so weird seeing myself with middle parting hair.
Probably for half of my life I've been living with bangs and now letting my fridge grow long is just so foreign for me.
I've known to be 'that girl with the fridge and big glasses', and the last time I parted my hair into half
was when I was 10! where middle parting were the 'IN' thing yo. hahahaahaa..
parting my hair to the middle gives me lots of insecurities, I feel that my forehead's very shy to be revealed to the world,
I always tell myself that I have a very high forehead that needs bangs to cover,
and one thing funny about my forehead is that I have a frankenstein mole, yes! a twin,
one mole on the left, one mole one the right.
If you could use a ruler to measure it, they would be at the same level... lol funny funny forehead.

Anyways! back to today's topic ! :P 

A new DIY i managed to pull off during my final week of total chaos and stress. woohoo! 
I just used some black thick cloth that you can find in your local art store cut them into mustache shapes,
and then pin two holes on them so the shoe laces goes through :) 
they're effortlessly adorable and a perfect match with the tee .
It only took me like 10 mins for the whole idea because I got inspired by this tee sponsored by UGLY DUCKLING ! :D 
I wanna thank you so much Ugly Duckling again for unfailingly surprisingly me again! 
they got me 2 items off their rack and they're both so adorableeee.... :) 
I love how the material of the shirt is not like cotton which is too thick, I donno what material this is but it's so loose and comfy!!
It's too perfect for the weather nowadays which is a total mess! scotching hot on the afternoons,
then during the evenings it's pouring rain for hours then after that the hot humid air sticks on your skin.
So much for bathing myself with Victoria Secret's everyday ... what a waste! 
I'm not a big fan of mustache, like one time during the trend where everyone suddenly loves mustache,
haha, I find it so funny there's mustache iphone cases, mustache shirts/dress/bags/prints everywhere.
This is the only mustache item that I have and honestly I think it's quite cute! lol or maybe it's because I'm wearing it heh.

Oh ! and happy easter everyone! :) hope you're enjoying yours! 
I'm started my easter morning by finishing a whole bar of Dove chocolate myself.
it's addicting! 


Andrea said...

You have a beautiful blog and stunning hair!

S + T said...

You missed celebrating your 21st?? Wow, you must have been super busy! Hope it paid off though :)
Love the hair colour - might ask my hairdresser for similar next time I go in! And cute DIY!

Hope you had a good Easter,

xx T (lefanciulle)

Tawny Fawns said...

Your hair really suits you, looks so pretty! Just followed!
We're a new blog, perhaps you could check us out?:)
love, x

Grace Pang said...

hi juliana! hahah just happened to stop by and read your blog! i have the exact same skirt from cotton on too :p

Zandra May said...

this is such a fun look! love the moustache tee X

Stefanía said...

Your blog is so great! Love these photos so much. Cute :)

Arden said...

Ok, love the hair but it's that Marilyn Monroe photo that totally has me sold! Love the blog, dear. xx

Marlen said...

no time to celebrate your 21st?! what is this madness?! anyhow, i am so glad you're doing a diy on those mustache shoes haha. that was the first thing that caught my eye when seeing your photos!

xo Marlen
Messages on a Napkin

keight said...

i Love Your Style