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Sunday, March 17, 2013

My 21st birthday wish list :)

Honestly speaking I'm still very in despair after my previous blog post...
I usually buy stuffs to make me happy, and thankfully it works.
I've already used my birthday month as an excuse to purchase some very neat items off the racks
and I've been proud to say that this over spending habit has slowly filled up the void in my heart
little by little I feel full.
But of course I need all of these to fill up the bucket.
Not being greedy of what, come one! it's my 21st! 
if I don't get the chance to celebrate it of course I deserveee the chance to get all the things i want.


The number one item on my checklist....
I've been up and down in this hurdling tornado about either getting a pandora or a thomas sabo.
Honestly I like the mariah carey classic original charm bracelets. Why i say Mariah is because 
i remember seeing her wear one as a child and I was like, "one day I'm going to get one."
But as i grew with time, especially now, I'm loving the sterling silver on pandora's one 
rather than the silver on thomas sabo which frankly looks like sungai wang fake stuff...
And i asked and surveyed the quality before deciding to go with pandora :) 
TS is more to a warm yellowish silver in comparison with pandora's metal colored ish silver.
However the biji biji charms are one of the down sides, but thankfully they have some pretty dangling ones.
LIke this pony / unicorn one which i almost cried (seriously) when I matched these two charms together.
I've always wanted the 21st charm, and I know that adding this unicorn/pony charm will always 
remind me that I'll always be that little girl inside eventho if i'm 21 or older.
See! I AM buying charms not because they're pretty but they do mean something :) hehe.
I'm so so very excited to get this one... I should call the shop right away! 
This one is definitely a MUST MUST MUST get for my birthday..
even tho the price kills me..


another price killing item is these boots which i've been fancying. 
well I've been fancying the balenciaga ones more, but... sadly Malaysia doesn't have that outlet.
and even if they had, I would't have enough money to get it, haha.


Sneaker wedges! 
My grandpa would always complain if i wear slippers, heels or flats, 
he always said that I can't run in those, and funny that he encourages me to wear boots.
argh, wantings wantings wantings....


I cannot describe how much I adore this skirt, 
I never had a white skirt before, and I love the sheerness with the solid color...
It just makes the plain office white skirt look so much more interesting :) 
I . must . get . this . one ....


And why no top it all with this matching top! 
AHHAAHAHAHA, i sound like a freaking promoter, 
but yea, this is one of those tops that I can't wear everyday cause i'm fat.
This is one of those tops that i need to work out and work out in order to wear this pretty top.
I love how subtle yet daring this top is. URGH pretty pretty! 

*Sigh* blogging about all the things I want definitely lightens up my mood instantly....
I can't wait to get all these and add them into my closet..... 
*wipes tears* 
I will be fine....

How are you gonna celebrate your 21st? :) 


Suzie Yusof Mohamed said...

you're 21? I'm going to be 22 this yeae :D

happy birthday btw :D

sequins from life said...

Amazing choices :)

Anonymous said...

love the topshop skirt!

Anonymous said...

Topshop is on my list every time. they have perfect pieces<3

Sixth Tractate said...

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Irina Pavlova said...

Good wish list! Pandora is really amazing!! Wish you to get it!

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