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Saturday, September 1, 2012

WINNERS for my Aldo Giveaway & AUTORAP

recently i found out this new application by Karmin and it rocks! 
it's actually by Smule, but i found it out tru Karmin since they featured them, lol! 
i'm still new to it tho, so i'm not sure how you change the beats but you can:)
super cool auto-rapping application that turns your speech to a rap music! lol
i'm 100% very sure that i'm not sponsored or payed by Karmin to talk about this,
it's 100% truly from the heart cause i always been a fan of them and downloaded the app
the second i saw it on their youtube page! :P

so here's the results ! thank you again all for joining in so so very much.
and for those who didn't get the prize, don't worry cause there's a lot more exciting giveaways coming soon! 

congratulations to Ashleigh & Lynnz
I added in an extra toy just to thank yall for joining :)
I will be contacting you tru email very soon, so go check em yea! 
have a nice day everyone, and happy 55th birthday Malaysia!! 


 Ashleigh Errolene said...
Woohoo! Congrats, Juliana! You deserved it! :D

Okay, I've followed your blog. So here goes my answers:

What makes me confident?

I feel the most confident when I'm doing what I'm most passionate about - writing. Writing and the beautiful wordplay.


Sure, wearing killer stilettos and a bright lipstick may boost confidence levels a little, but nothing compares to the rush of energy and confidence I get when I'm presenting my ideas that I'm passionate about. Besides, nothing beats watching your words go viral on the internet! How is that not a confidence booster? ;D
Blogger lynnz said...
Dear Jules,

Congratulation on winning the Aldo contest, I must say ur really creative to add the hair n skirt effect..nicely done & well deserving win!!

Here goes:

What makes me confident:
When somebody actually laughs in approval at my suggestions or my jokes.

Gosh for as long as I can remember people always assume I'm a serious person..Maybe it's my looks or the fact that I tend to be the listener whenever I meet new people. But when the ice is broken and I am comfortable enough, I love it when people laugh and say, ur so right or ur funny..

That and a good pair of heels helps as well :)

congrats again Jules,

1 comment:

lynnz said...

Dear Jules,

Got my pressie 2 days ago and love it!

Thanks for picking me as one of the winners :)