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Monday, September 3, 2012


photo credit : SERENA GAN


dress : denim button up from KISSJANE
shoes : platform Mary Jane from KISSJANE
accessories : leather belt from KISSJANE
knee length socks from TOPSHOP

sigh, i felt like a child again,
the last time i went to genting was when i was only 11 years old! 
amazing that the place still kept it's nostalgic theme park games and looks.
what i mean is cracked paints, and mostly the same rides, well 
I can't say that it's the best theme park that i've been to, however this is the most nostalgic one for me.
and being there with my most colorful college buddies, really do brighten everything up. literally. lol

the 99$ challenge 

I was so fortunately approached by KISS JANE, an online boutique from singapore which ships worldwide.
they personally choose a few online fashion bloggers from Australia, Singapore and also Malaysia for this 99$ challenge. 
the 99$ challenge was so fun, i spend my day carefully picking stuffs from them for a total of 99sing dollars! 
I must say that they are very very generous, and not only that, their clothings are super soft and good in quality!
I was extremely hyped and excited when i receive the parcel all the way from Singapore, 
it's a huge ass one, and that made me even more jolly! 
just look at the size of that baby, haha, i sound like crocodile hunter now :P
I'm loving the denim dress because the cutting is so vintage!
you can barely find these full button up dresses anymore, and the added belt just gives it more vibe.
and i'm so glad that the shoe fitted me so well! i walked and walked the whole day in it without blisters or pain:)
thank you so much again KISS JANE, you really made this genting trip even more better!

and yea, when i said colorful, i literally meant it.
check out all their cool hippy hair and clothes! I feel so out of place looking like a goody-good girl.

posing for skrillex and the band's album cover. lol.

she's got a big mouth, but she's someone you can trust the most :) 

and that was the end of our genting trip.
it was a very special day for us tho, in my opinion, cause all of us are leaving soon.
everything we did was so fun, sat on countless rides, over and over again, haha!
my favorite one was the boat ride actually cause it was quite calming and good for the heart.
sigh, bittersweet sunset, with adele singing in the background.


Fabrizia said...

Such a lovely post: I like these pictures so much!!
What about following each other? Cosa mi metto???

Analisa said...

Looks like you had such a great time!! :)

Carolyn Tay said...

Woah, I wanna go genting already!! Anyway, your dress is soso pretty!


Jules said...

So beautiful pics and look ;)
from France

Anonymous said...

I love your varsity jacket and your pics are so adorable!

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