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Wednesday, September 26, 2012


photo credit : MEL JUSTICE


dress : 70's polka dot dress with cut outs from WHITECIRCUS
accessories : DIY chanel inspired pearl hair pins
shoes : velvet flats with ankle straps from BANGKOK

for this look i only wanted the dress to stand out by itself as it already is,
so i made sure that i didn't wear any socks / accessories / go overboard. 
and to me, the whole look turned out quite sweet 
because of the added effort for the hair and pins, haha!
not only that, it's the dress that gives everything the extra character. 


I previously wrote about White Circus here
about how fun and nice they are and the previous item that they sponsored me was a gift actually, 
I got to pick this look myself because to my surprise i found out that i didn't really had much polka dot clothing.
my love for Polka dots were always there since forever but some how my collections of them are very subtle ones.
for example tiny polka dot leggings, cases, bags, but honestly not much on clothings.
So therefore this time i wanted to go all far out and get myself a slightly bigger polka dots printed dress!
the good thing about sponsorships is that you get to experiment with different prints, 
or clothes that you thought that you might never wear in your life! 
and I'm very very grateful that i've been given this opportunity to try everything!
haha, I use to worry wearing these type of dresses cause some might say they might look quite "auntie".
HAHA, which is one of the reason why i didn't want to get them in the first place when i was much younger,  
but now I'm 20, so i guess there's really no harm wearing and embracing these monotone prints which have been around since forever.
come on, even kids wear them! 

the word Polka from the word Polka dots came from a dance actually.
a dance which spread and became popular in europe and america because 
it was the first type of dance that featured actual physical touch from the opposite sexes!
lol, imagine what a long time was that. Imagine how excited the guys felt. lol
another source says that "polka" means "Polish", but either ways, we all know what it is now :) 

thank you so much again White Circus for sponsoring me this super fun dress, 
and i absolutely adore the cut out back because it looks way more interesting than a normal skater dress.

added info : 

just incase you guys wanted to do a DIY for yourself too.
it only took me 5 mins to complete all these pretty pearl hair pins.
all you need is just bobbi pins, pearls, and transparent fishing wire.
I got the pearls from my bracelet that i decided to cut off the elastic string to make these, lol
which i think is super worth it because i didn't use the previous oversized pearl bracelet anymore.
and if you guys want a more faster way of doing this,
just ditch tying the pearls on the pins with the string, 
just go for super glue and stick them on top of the bobbi pins instead! 
but as for me i had all the time of my life, so i didn't mind tying them, haha! 
in fact i have so many extras i feel like giving my friends some! :)
thank you Chanel for the simple but great idea! 


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Tabzz said...

what a beautiful dress! love the hair idea too :) very nice and super creative!!


Arden said...

Really sweet dress, and flats! xx

Floortje said...

I really like your blog dear!
Keep up with the good work! :)


olga said...

What a great blog, love the pictures, your style is amazing!
Would you like to follow each other, will be glad to hear from you ;o)

Sabrina Musco said...

love dress!!gorgeous pics!!i'm new follower your beautiful blog!!kiss!!

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Nes said...

Amazing photos:) I really like your dress:) Looks so good on you..and your nails are amazing:))

ms.bulat said...

Love the dress! too bad don't see it on their website~