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Friday, July 13, 2012

Lil Red with the fluffy collar

Fluffy Fur Collar,
is all you'll only need when watching a movie in the cinemas.
some people get chilled because of short sleeves or exposed legs.
I get chilled because i expose my neck or feet, hehe, yikes! they're so sensitive to cold.
that's why i always leave my hair down and wear socks all the time..
haha, what about you?

remember i said I got sponsored by Fashion Letter ?
I've wrote it in a post here previously :)
well this is the second item they gave me...
to keep me warm and cozy in cold places!! :D

thank you for being so considerate Fashion Letter! 

photo credit : TING SUE LYN


dress : topshop inspired dress from FRIENDLYFASHION
shoes : ankle boots with studs from FOREVER 21
accessories : fluffy fur collar from FASHIONLETTER

photos are all edited by me. :)
i was inspired to add in wolfs in the background since the collar is grey,
 and i love how the picture reminds me of the lil red ridding hood!
don't you guys miss that showww ? x,
except the fact that my outfit doesn't have a hood, lols! 
and i forgot to bring my basket of fruits along~~

the more i edit, the more i wish i could experience snow D:

haha, don't you wish one day there's snow in Malaysia?
if there was i would be totally pumped up to wear my ultra soft comfy fluffy collar! :DD
don't you think it's soo cute?! makes you look elegant and lady-like!

everybody likes to see the before and after pictures right.
so yea, i basically shoot this just outside my house, 
where i shoot most of my outfit posts in.
the day was kindda gloomy then, and my friend suelyn ask me to act scared! 
as in there were wolfs behind, haahaha! 
so imagine me.... with people passing by, wondering why i'm looking afraid.
how i wish i could have wolfs as my pets, 
if only! sigh....


Life is a journey everyday,
everyday we try to fight to be better.
I feel like it's a battle we're in together when 
i see my classmates struggling sometimes with assignments somtimes.
it's an amazing adventure where you wouldn't know what could happen
and right now, I'm fighting for perfection, 
in work that is... I'm trying to do my best
trying to push myself even if it's one step.

tough life being a designer.


Andrea said...

Super pretty, I love that collar!

JULES said...

awww andrea! thank you <3 !!

KERRIN said...

your blog is so whimsical and perfect! let's follow each other! xx

Destiny L said...

Loving the winter and wolves background montage! And you look amazing Jules!

MagicMagpie said...

Wow, such a cool post

mariel janina said...

Really pretty, I love the dress and rose with the shoes. You look gorgeous <3

JULES said...

@kerrin I love your blog too <#

@destiny awww, thanks babes!! glad you liked it :)

@magpie hi!:) thanks love, loving blog u have too.

@mariel awww! thank you!! you're even better:)

Clara Turbay said...

You have what it takes to make this blog a success!

JULES said...

aww. Clara. that's too sweet! <3 thank you so much :)