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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Lazy Wednesdays...

photo credit : MEL JUSTICE


top : loose Tee from BF
bottom : maroon velvet high waist from BANGKOK
shoes : ankle boots from FRIENDLYFASHION
bag : transparent neon blue bag from SJ

this is basically what i wear almost all the time to college nowadays,
my semester has come to that crucial time where we spend most of our nights
awake, drinking coffee, designing, and killing ourselves. 
oh don't forget about the hideous eyebags and backaches.

sometimes, i remember saying in my other posts, 
i dress myself up to feel energized or light and happy! :)
so for my college look, i usually just tuck in an extra large shirt with high waist pants 
and feel comfy to study! and it also looks quite chic! 
gotta go get more big shirts now :P 

haha, it's so tiring to be an advertising/graphic student. 
exterior wise, you may think our job is so stylish and glamourous, 
but inside, it's like shooting yourself for ideas, 
once you have them, you'll shoot yourself again for more.
lol, but above all the hardwork, i am loving what i'm doing, except for the sleepless nights, 
and i can't imagine me in any other field of workscope beside advertising, graphics or branding...

lately i've been sleeping at average 3am-ish? 
and for 3 straight days i had to sleep at 5am and wake up at 8am...
i can feel my backbone complaining to me every time i abuse it by sitting long hours on the chair.
I'm getting very unfit.... okay, in a straight forward way, i'm getting fat! 
humtty-dumtty fat! gosh i don't even know how to spell his name, haha! 

but thankfully, Wednesdays are my only time to relax...
it's the day where i feel the most happiest coming to my little spot here to blog! 
mmmmmmm, i feel so comfortable in my lil space here :3
it's a day where i can stop thinking about assignments.. at least a bit :/ 
hence, the tittle, lazy wednesdays 
 sighhhh, sadly it's finishing soon, and tomorrow's another day where i shoot myself again.

today(!) was quite a unproductive day,
instagram>lunch>downloaded lana's songs>photoshopped the whole day>instagram>dinner>blog
i spend my wednesdays mostly at home. enjoying the time alone resting and doing unproductive things.
I can't even remember the last time i complained i was bored. hmmmm :( 
i miss the feeling of being bored! haha! 

so many things to do, so little time.
but most of all, 
don't forget to smile! :)

pictures are taken and edit today .
and using my PHONE! 
yay! at least that's productive enough!


jiglycious said...

love your eye make up!!
and your shoes is rocks!!

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it's open internationally-

Anonymous said...

this outfit looks stunning!
love the clutch
xx nia

Carolyn Tay said...

Your blog is awesome <3 Love it! NEW READERRR!


JULES said...

thanks alot guys <3
thank you~~

JULES said...

thanks alot guys <3
thank you~~

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