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Thursday, June 14, 2012

sorry for being mysterious

Amber Anderson by Rankin for The Hunger, Spring/Summer 2012

just thought that the colors, set up and mood of the photoshoot is rather inspiring for me :) 
Amber Anderson had appeared in many mags before, but i find her rather (boring)
her poses are very common and not really out there yet,
but this photoshoot really changed my mind towards her :)
she's so good at it! i can't imagine other people pulling this look off.


Had a really filling supper a few minutes ago, 
and i'm having a very hard times digesting right now :( 
so i decided to write my blog and tell you guys what's coming up! 
there's gonna soo many things for me to blog about soon, but
as much as i want to say it, i can't cause it might ruin the whole plan!
so the most now is that i can only show picture to hint what is about to come,
pictures are taken and edited from my new phone :D 
so enjoy!  

all that i can say is that VIVI finally released a malaysian version this month! 
like finallyy!!! ahhh! been reading VIVI since... form 2??! haha 
which is like 6 years ago ?! OMFG!! 
and i've got great news about the accessories above :) 

also having great news about this "work" i've been working on.
enjoying my morning breakfast while i face the screen :)

also! i've been eating a lot of nice+good food! 
almost continuously everyday i've been heading to expensive restaurants to savor myself.

oh well that's all for now,
off to force myself to bed now :)

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Anita said...

Lovely blog.