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Tuesday, June 12, 2012


photo credits: MEL JUSTICE


top : white chiffon vintage blouse from BANGKOK
dress : topshop red velvet inspired (FREE GIVE) from FRIENDLY FASHION
shoes : black vetvet flats from BANGKOK
accessories : CORAL inspired rings from YSL & DIVA
watch from FOLLIE FOLLIE

( i meant to blog about this a week or two earlier, but my schedule was so tight! )
OH WELL!  I was soo lucky to win this absolutely TOPSHOP red velvet dress lookalike!
this is the original one which looks 100% like the one i won! :D
i think she's still doing a free giveaway so you can click on here if you want this dress! 

Friendly fashion has so many good benefits i can't find any reason not to join them!
There's sooo many nice and generous members there giving away
FREE CLOTHES including make up sometimes :D

And one good news about friendlyfashion is that
I'm SOO GLAD they won the DIGI WOW AWARDS for Online Shop of the Year!
amazing right?! OMGOMGOMG why am i as excited as they are?! lols!

Quite incredible cause there's countless of online shops in malaysia,
almost everydayy you could see links or ads beside facebook about some online shop in malaysia,
so i guess it really must be an incredible feeling wining the best online shop of the year, haha!
go go congrats them or say something nice! :)
making other people feel good is always a good way to stay happy :D


anyways, Lately I have been busy with my so called life, 
tired about the things that make me tired in life. 
especially assignments with have been a dreadful thing for me recently.
haha! last week really had been a tough week for me, 
but thank god i ended the week with a good 2 hour full body massage.

it's really a sin not to pamper yourself with some good authentic thai massage after a long day of work! 
imaging the burden our back and shoulders has to suffer, :( ouch, so sorry for not treating you good!
Massaging really do helps lift up the spirit of the mind and souls,
i felt most at ease when they rubbed the oil all over my back and 
when they put me in very odd positions to make my body crack!
* ouch ! but mmmmmmmm :) * haha! 
how concerning is it going to be if they crack you up the wrong way! lol. 

massaging really takes you to a trance in an inconceivable stage, 
I have never experience better massage than the service they give in Thai Odyssey
I like it also when they put some very relaxing background music
like river flowing or birds chirping when they massage you. *mmmm!*

I was wearing this dress when i entered the first class of advance visual
just an ordinary day where i felt like dressing up a lil.

so our lecture gave us a brief to draw in class,
and it goes like this

" draw two children, playing 'talk/speak and you lose' game on the sofa.
And when they mother come in the room with KFC,
the little sister burst out and the brother immediately know she lost the game...
...continue the story with your own imagination."

we're doing story-boarding more for this subject, so here's my drawing,
haha! as you can see i was a lil bit inspired by the clothes that i was wearing :P

Hope you guys like it ! :) 
and don't forget to keep calm and carry on.
the world's full of hectic stuff, and we all know that time doesn't wait for anyone.
but however do give yourself some good quality time with yourself, 
go pamper yourself if you feel you're not being treated right,
or take a break in times where you feel down and unmotivated.

trust me, you'll need it, take it, and let your spirit grow. 

<3 take care everyone, I love you! 


Bellamoreway said...

im so in love with your velvet dress! <3 nice to know you dear

JULES said...

you should go get it! :D
it's only like... RM35?! xD
thank you anyways and yes! great to know you!


Tiffany said...

gorgeous outfit, I really love the way you styled it! Congrats on winning it :D

JULES said...

thanks for being so sweet Tiffany :) you're wonderful <3 xoxo

Bernadeth G. said...

so adorable!

Visit my blog? xx Miss Beatrix (

JULES said...

hi bernadeth! :D
i've visited your blog several times before and will check it soon!
thanks for stopping by dearest! xoxo

x Mr Brightside x said...

love the dress, it's so cool!

I followed ur blog as well ;)