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Monday, June 25, 2012

okay i just need to let it out!

my next outfit post!
the votes are closed the votes are closed the votes are closed!!!
i seriously gave up voting quite sometime ago because the other competitors were so fierce!
(as in their votes i mean) but today i was bored, so i clicked on the site again to see who was the highest.
speechless. i saw myself at 7k votes... i was completely struck by amazement. completely! 
i blinked twice to my astonishment, as my emotions were taken away by the number.. 7k ...
the last time i check i was only at 1k.. which is why i started to give up. because other were about 2/3?
which is also really tiring everyday to face the screen and ask people to vote for you.
pwefff can't believe i've gone tru all that. and the fact that people do get fed up of you reminding them to vote.
i apparently can't talk now cause i have presentation tomorrow 
i just wanna come here to let out all my nerves! GAH the pressure and overwhelming number almost made me cry!! If i win this competition, i can't describe how amazed and excited i'll be.
I'll probably jump till my floor cracks.
okay adios! i hope i really win it and i'm off to do my assignments now ! 
ciaoozzies and thank you so much for my most loyal readers who care so much about my personal life.
it really touches me to the soul to know that my lovely online buddies care <3
goodnight! xoxo.

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Destiny L said...

You look too cute here we're officially crowning you Miss Prints Queen! I'd look crazy with that outfit but you look too cute and playful with it! xoxo.